Tips for wall-bouncing on Classic Alt control scheme?

I used to play on Tournament Control scheme.

I decided to make the switch from Tournament to Classic-Alt, with some button remappings.

I had no problem wall-bouncing in Tournament Control scheme.

Having made the switch to Classic-Alt, I’m having trouble wall-bouncing.

Sometimes when I’m wall-bouncing, it doesn’t accept my input to slide. My character starts wall-bouncing, but then awkwardly stands in the middle, due to an input not being registered (Even though I clearly pressed it).

I’m putting everything what I learnt when I was wall-bouncing on Tournament control scheme, and applying it to wall-bouncing on Classic Alt. Yet the fluidity in wall-bouncing is getting affected, because of this.

Where am I going wrong?

You are able to grab walls further in Classic Alt compared to Tournament, I noticed that. Could that be the reason?

I just need help understanding how the camera/ cover mechanics or any other mechanics are getting changed in classic alt over Tournament which could affect wall-bouncing.

My control scheme:

LB = Slide
A = Tac-Com
X = Roadie-run/ evade
Y = Revive/ Weapon pick up.

Rest everything is default.

I usually set my bounce to RB and roll/cover to A. Can still claw. Reload is LB, LB is Y, and Y is X.

Editied to add my control scheme in the top-most post,

Don’t know how long you’ve been on it but it did take me a couple of days to get it down, and I’m also on “defaulaternate”

Although I’m not a hyper bouncer, just when trying to get out of a pickle or in a 1v.

Movement speed also picked up for me

Edited to add my control scheme in the top-most post.

I’m not a hyper bouncer either.

I bounce slow, with wide strides. That’s what I like.

Tried it for the first time yesterday. Only practiced it for 90 minutes or such.

The shift from Tournament to Classic alt is hard, wow.

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Yeah, that’s why I made a post with this video asking TC if they could let Classic-Alt’s cover button also run when held.

I haven’t played on Tournament so I can’t say.

I went into QP and practiced there, but it does take a couple matches to get familiar with it. I put the game down for a couple days and when I picked it back up it was a little easier

I watched the video.

But you didn’t explain anything as to why I’m having difficulty wall-bouncing in Classic- Alt as compared to Tournament, even though I carried over everything I learnt about wall-bouncing from Tournament over to Classic Alt.

Maybe one of your buttons isn’t working properly? Or your controller in general? Did you switch the button for bouncing on Alt compared to Tournament?

Like I said, I had no problems wall-bouncing in Tournament. My controller is even brand-new (just a month old).


Just keep going it’ll be second nature soon enough but it does suck to not do anything when hitting wrong button

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they need to put roadie and Cover on A and Roadie on x.

This scheme would be Perfect.

Cant activate roadie without holding it down . you Tap to cover. X for Roll , no rolls

Yep, that’s what I showcased in the video. Sadly, if you macro it for the controller, Gears takes a while before realizing that you switched from keyboard to controller and vice-verse. It’s not a huge delay, but it’s noticeable.

Might have to setup all my buttons as keys. Haven’t tried that yet.

the more i think about it, they’ll never do it.

its too perfect.


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i have a different problem and i have heard others have as well. A-lb, X- lb Y-x lb-a on classic alt is what i am running and my second RB for reload occasionally doesnt work. the first one always does to start the reload but the second to active doesnt. Any ideas?