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Tips for tour of duty 2 ( operation 2 )

Like the title if anyone have some tips for the tour of duty can share it will help.

As far as I know daily have been nerf (tod 1 vs tod2 ) to be put in some new categorie like arcade and new mod , and without a boost you get less star from daily

This is untrue as far as I’ve seen.

Before a majority of daily give you 3 star now 1 star they nerf them but in exchange they put in arcade /event / new mod to get more star for the boost part in weekend you can get x2 daily I don’t have boost now so I can’t confirm it if it’s still a thing

It’s always been RNG. If you managed to get lots of 3 star challenges then it’s good luck. I’ve had mixed luck personally. I’ve not noticed any difference so far. I had three 3 star objectives yesterday.

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I got boost and it’s double stars everyday. I’m on rank 43 now and three away from finishing this tour.

It boost only daily or it’s boost tour of duty challenge too?

Yeah tour of duty mate all double stars every day.

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Once I get back home this afternoon after work I’ll be done with this tour. It’s taking me less then 21 hours of game time to get this far,

Damn If know before doing the tour of duty challenge well now am beep I have already completed half of me challenge and I am middle

Really? That’s mental! I’m only on Lieutenant 2 and thought I was making good progress!

In the tour of duty 1 I have majority of challenge like do the map x / kill x drone variant elite too /kill x with characters x but well if it’s rng in the tour of duty 2 I have bad luck

Imma leave this link here to another thread that was used a lot during OP1.

Since most strats still apply, y’all are welcome to check it out.


Yeah am at rank 40 will put up a review of the tod2 once i finish.

My advice? Don’t bother with it. I’ve found that I enjoy the game a lot more when I’m not paying attention to the ToD.

I’ve been getting at least one three star a day. I even got four in one day between my three dailies and one free refresh. It’s just RNG.

90 % of my dailys are versus related, maybe even more. I’ve got maybe 1-2 horde or escape related ones since release of ToD2. Since I only do horde and escape the dailys don’t give me nothing at this point and I have kind of stopped caring for them. Will try to climb the tour just through medals instead.

Correct me if I am wrong but the double star boost only applies to the daily missions but NOT to tour of duty medals… is’t it?


I had a Win a versus on foundation ToD to do today … probably played 30 + versus AI games and never even saw foundation appear in the votes :tired_face:

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Yes, it only applies to dailies.

Play horde in the easiest difficulty
You are going to finish 70% of the tour of duty quickly if you play horde everyday

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