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Tips for those on console struggling against PC and skilled Players (UPDATED) March 24


(TGLT Clutch) #21

Some people just complain if they lose. As someone who play PC and xbox with controller MK/B aren’t even much different compared to controller players. But when a PC player has a sniper I don’t really run around ,

If I come across a really good PC player I usually play a bit more passive(meaning I don’t engage first in close combat)

The real problem is people are always trying to find excuses for losing. They blame crossplay,teammates,map and sometimes even connection. (The last one actually being a somewhat valid excuse)


Yup. Use that one a LOT.
You see, it’s never my fault, I have perfect aim. But those darn High Ping Warriors always mess it up for me. :joy:

(DJ NME) #23

What a load of tripe. OP.
The majority of Pc players use a pad for starters for games like gears. There’s pretty much no advantage, only that they can aim more accurately more quickly if using kbm… But this only helps them at range. Up close… Say a shotgun battle, i’d actually say that yhey are at a slight disadvantage with kbm.
Just maim and shame… Console, pc… Who cares.

(TGLT Clutch) #24

You can’t say “there’s no advantage if you’re on PC” . I dont want to get into what the advantages are for the specific platform but the only REAL problem I see is the amount of input lag on xbox one. Other than that everyone should be able to play against PC players fine. They might want to increase controller sens to be able to turn around faster but that’s about it.

The 50 MS delay due to displaying upto 3 old frames really is the biggest problem. I hope that GoW 5 doesn’t have the 50 MS delay. Im fine if they reduce it to 2 frames (about 33ms from 50ms) as long as they reduce the input lag a little


Will changing my setting under game mode effect the input lag as far as contrast shqrpness etc …or it doesnt matter as long as u have it on game mode?

(seasloth21) #26

As I pc player who uses almost exclusively a controller, be wary of letting on get on a turret(ala war machine), mouse is deadly accurate with that thing!


True enough. I usually just stand next to it and vet all the players who try to use it. If they are PC, then I just tell them to turn back

(TGLT Clutch) #30

doesn’t matter as long as you have game mode