Tips for reaching diamond / masters rank on KOTH?

Hi guys i have been playing gears since 2010 and KOTH has always been my favourite mode so i have a fair amount of experience as it is pretty much all i play these days but i am struggling to get out of gold 3 most of the time. Just wondering what tactics it is players who are diamond and masters use to get such a high rank? I have always been a decent killer, good movement and spend time capping and trying to win but do not play in a regular team. I never liked avoiding the objective which is capture to win but should i be taking more of a support role sitting back away from the ring unless cleared and picking off kills and assists instead and only breaking and capping when safe? Is it based more on individual performance and kd ratio than objective play? The ranking system has been changed around a lot so looking for solid advice on how to get above gold 3. Thanks

Given the current ranking system:
Winning 2-0 is very important
Positive KD
Finishing top 2 on your team
Breaking > capping (in my opinion)

I always find I gain most points playing on my own or with a partner. If I play in a 5 stack with onyx’s / diamonds it’s either a fight for the kills or a sweat fest.

How often do you get MVP?

Every now and then but think my biggest issue is i fight to hard to win back the hill often find myself alone bouncing like crazy to cap with a weak team, need to focus more on doing runs of the map killing enemies before they get there rather than trying to save a match with a weak side perhaps. I kill top players well often so that’s not the issue its how i go about getting those scores stacked up

You need a team. It’s a hard truth

Getting masters in anything is easy as long as you have a competent team

You can be the best in the lobby every time but if your team sucks then you will always fail.

Pretty much. I see a ton of trashcans walking around with Masters Gnashers.