Tips for Horde Frenzy on Masters?

I have only mastered the Featured maps and Blood Drive… I was trying to Master the other maps but we usually end up getting killed within the first waves…

Usually I prefer Baird over Del as engineer because I am actually shooting things, but is Del a better choice (cheaper and more HP barriers / lockers) there?

Who are the best characters? Usually if I’m not engineer I am using either Clayton (Mulcher card lv 4)or Lizzie (everhthing is level 6 already).

Additional tips? It called my attention that I was able to Master all the Horde maps without much trouble, however Frenzy has been nothing but my team getting demolished by stuff like Swarmak, Matriarch… One time we got stuck by a combination of Guardian + Sentinel + Helicopter…

I think the single thing players need to adapt to with Frenzy is that waves are longer and feature more enemies per wave than a normal 1-50, so management of ammo is important.

Enemies are more aggressive and bosses seem to attack a base much quicker than normal horde.

Frenzy appears to have wave sets individualized to the map the mode is played on, to a degree, or some sets have a higher probability of appearing on some maps than others. So it may seem less predictable. I certainly have noticed this when I would play Frenzy, and I’ve yet to encounter a triple Matriarch spawn on any map other than Exhibit.

Marcus and Kait

Lv 3 Locker for Marcus, 3 retros in it. Couple barriers and youre good to go on most maps.

#1 - ALWAYS place the fabricator by taps, when you start off! The faster you can get to taps the better your team will be overall.

#2 - Get those weapon lockers/barriers up asap.

#3 - Make sure power is being utilized properly, to get fortifications up asap

#4 - Clayton + Kait = per destruction

#5 - Fahz for long range, Kait for close range, both on one side; deadly combo

#6 - Just use Marcus - :man_shrugging:t4:

#7 - JD + Keegan both on one side

#8 - Matriarch - Clayton freezes it, Kait instantly destroys it

Those strategies work, but I’ve yet to run across a Clayton running a freeze build.

Clayton freeze build is a MUST on Master. That alone can completely destroy anything that even dares to come close enough into a base, in combination with strong characters around. Even if a Matriarch + Carrier are in base, or Snatcher + Warden, a good Clayton can freeze them while the strong characters just wreck everything.

I agree it’s a good build.

Just never see any random running it.


I have to second the idea of taps being pretty vital to higher level frenzy. Since many maps people set up at the spawn point and maps are pretty symmetrical, it works well to pick the fabricator up and place it down right away to see where the taps are going to be before choosing a base location. You’d be surprised how few people think to do that.


People not doing this in Frenzy absolutly drives me crazy. You see them pick it up and just start running it to one or the other spawns. Then it drops and you see the taps come up directly in front of the opposite spawn point.
I play Lahni a lot on Frenzy and can demolish waves when set up but without the extra health from Taps it makes it so much harder.


I feel your pain. Other than the extra power, the health bonus is nice. I wish more people would see the benefit of capturing hard to maintain taps. You still get the health bonus while they’re up, and if nothing else they act like free decoys for a bit.

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The thing with taps on the complete opposite side to the base is they often actually survive because it’s not on the enemy route. I played a game on bunker recently as Jack, the guys pick up the fab and run it stright to opposite spawn drop it and both taps appear right at starting spwn. I’m like whatever and fly out to capture them both. The dude playing Marcus goes down at the very start of the wave and I fly back and MVP the wave with most DAMAGE. Then in chat he gets all pissy and says I’ve got to learn how to play! Gotta love strangers on the internet.

Hey man,

If you like feel free to add me. I’ve been running master frenzy as of late and as long as you can work as a team you are welcome anytime.


Shot man, I enjoy your forum posts and know you and others here are clearly solid players. Have never bothered reaching out or adding in the past because I’m in NZ and so between time difference and connection speeds matches would likely be unplayable. Appriciate the offer though.

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Ah thank you.

I appreciate that. I seriously do. Those guides can take a week to put together so I truly appreciate that.

Either way. If I happen to see you on at some random time I’ll try and join up with you. I have some good friends in the UK and in AUS, so I truly don’t have a dedicated time frame in which I play.

I pretty much play whenever my son lets me. Lol


We invited you tonight, but you didn’t join.

Hey dude,

I had 10 invited as soon as I logged in. Lol

Also, where you hidden? As I didn’t see you online?

I get how long they must take, both play testing and the actual writing and appreciate the effort. Over the past few years I’ve sat far more on the sidelines and just read and kept my info to myself assuming someone else out there would know it. Rather than assuming people know how to play now though trying to be a far more active member of the forum community. Happy to help out with guides where I can and think I have left a few comments on your posts ovwr the last week.

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Please do. I have never done those as a mission to have my name out there or anything. If someone ever wanted to take them and redo them there own way, I would see that as just an awesome thing for the community.

I would never say I know everything and have always welcomed any additional feedback. So like yourself doing this and many others, like @Omen_LP @GhostofDelta2 @Bleeding_Pepper @avaramis @Slipping_Flames @AmicableWall421 I mean the list goes on.

So again, thank you. The more we share here, just helps everyone in the end anyway.

Cheers again my friend!