Tips for escape

So I have been playing a lot of escape, which is an exciting new game mode in gears 5. I wanted to share some strategic tips, particularly in regards to the 6 possible characters you can play. Let’s get into it.

Keegan: I like to run the Hammerburst and Snub, along with 3 support skills that improve the supply drop. Pick up a hammerburst right away, that will be your primary weapon the entire run. You can grab a headshot weapon for some long range utility, or or an explosive launcher for your second weapon. His hammerburst is amazing at downing drones. Once the drone is down, take the meat shield. This will give you some defense and you can still whip out the custom snub and deal decent damage. Rinse and repeat that strategy throughout the run. A good time to pop your resupply is in the safe room. Everyone is crowded in and won’t miss it, and ammo is usually low at that point. Good time to resupply. Use it again when trying to seal the hive, to make sure everyone has plenty of ammo for that.

Lahni: always be thinking about flanking as her. It is your job to get behind enemy forces and draw their attention and shoot them in the back. Her deflection skills will help you survive and nimble skill will help you get into position fast. Once the enemies are thinned out and in disarray, you can move in and start meleeing and executing, with or without your electro blade depending on the stakes.

Mac: His primary job is to take damage for the team so they can get into position. His crazy tough skill is a must have for this. His bloody boltok can deal decent damage too. Try to bounce between targets to spread the bleeding around better. Use the barrier to not only survive but completely flip the scrip in critical moments. Lethal barrier + extended duration is great for that.

EMILE: His melee attack is amazing. It deals a ton of damage and along with the bleed, basically anything you melee is doomed. Melee as much as possible to conserve ammo for bigger fights. Grab a gnasher off the first grenadier you run into. During larger fights, look for an opening to charge right into the fray and lay down the drop shield. Active reload the gnasher and poke out here and there firing slugs at enemies. Anyone pushing the shield gets knifed or gnashered. This also causes a huge distraction that creates options for your teammates. Shield duration makes the shield last longer in these situations which is critical, and close range recharge can help ensure it is ready in the first place.

KAT: Why would you ever play kat in escape?

Sarah Conner: I don’t particularly recommend Sarah Conner for escape. She isn’t an obviously terrible choice like kat but on closer inspection her skills just don’t gel that well with an escape environment. Stopping power is great of course, tough skin is situationally useful such as against flocks of juvies, but everything else is very lackluster.

Well that’s about it! Thanks for reading hope this helps! Please, share any tips you have for escape as well.

Good Stuff.

Do you have any more tips now that we are in November?

Sure thing. With Op 3 and new hives right around the corner, it is a good time to drop some more tips for hivebusters of all skill levels. Mainly I want to talk about the 4 newer op 2 characters and what they bring to the table in Escape. That being Marcus, Baird, Lizzie and COG Gear.

Marcus: A good pick for escape honestly. His primary strategy is dig in and last ditch. While dug in he gets a nice damage resistance bonus, and from there you start shooting and draw some enemy fire, which is what you want. You are taking heat for your team while being able to take it with dug in, and last ditch kicks in shortly allowing you to dish out some serious damage until you need to finally duck back down. Also I recommend rifle mags. It is interesting because it increases the initial ammo count of rifles like hammerburst and claw you pick up which is very nice especially in an ammo stingy hive, in addition to making your clip deeper. Finally, living legend his ultimate needs to be mentioned. It fits the dig in and last ditch strategy like a glove. Use it on the toughest fight of the hive. Also try to have it ready when you seal the hive. sealing the hive is a laughably perfect time to use Living legend, with the a mob of enemies charging straight at you like that. Have you team group up on you so they can take advantage of it too and just rain hell as you are sealing up the hive. Equip rifle feedback to make it last the whole time. If you have his legendary skill band of brothers, even better. Finally, consider his explosive resistance skill if you think it will come into play a lot on the hive you are running.

COG Gear: Not the most exciting pick but usable. His primary job is to be a fight initiator and damage sponge for the team with his Damage resistance skills, perfect condition and razor’s edge, a role similar to Mac. After you take that initial heat and you team moves in to fight, take cover and get your health back and get ready to revive anyone who needs it. You are good at sponging damage to get over and help someone up, remember that. if both teammates go down and things are looking grim, use the team revive. that will get everyone back up and if you are packing the skills get up and overdoing it, you can completely reverse a bad situation and push for an advantage with your team. For your last skill ones to consider are healing bounty, which can come in clutch here and there, modified snub for more sting on the snub, or suppressive recharge if the hive features plenty of grenades you can use.

Lizzie: A strong pick for escape. She is a damage dealer primarily. Use cold finish and aggressive armor, along with 3 skills of your choice upgrading the silverback. Cold finish is great, try to prioritize shooting low HP targets. Aggressive armor makes you more resilient when battling, good skill for shrugging off shots. Save the silverback for the hard parts of the hive. I’ve seen the silverback completely annihilate difficult encounters.

Baird: Not recommended for escape. More than half of his skills are engineering related, which is completely useless for escape. Nothing on his skill list strikes me as any good for escape, and his passive is worthless too. The Deebee is a good tool, but it doesn’t justify picking Baird by itself.

Anyways thanks for reading hopefully this helps, Sorry if this is considered a necro post. I could bump this or just make a new thread I guess, and went with bumping this.