Tips and general advice for new players

Hello everyone,
I’ve recently started playing Gears 5 and looking for tips and any advice on leveling the classes.
I’ve read a few threads and the general consensus is that new players spoil the game for everyone else.
I certainly don’t want to do that.

Can anyone please share the so called code of conduct when playing Horde and Escape ( I’m not really a versus player).

Thanks in advance.


Welcome aboard @Smart_Cookie355! I’d say the above quote is certainly not true. We are all excited here to see new players pick up Gears!

The threads where certain of us complain about Randoms should be construed as us complaining about people that have been around for a while and should know better than to do the things that they did to be called out. There’s a big difference, and I’d say that if you’re new and willing to take advice or instruction, you’re already better than most. :slight_smile:

Edit: The ‘should know better’ comment comes from a history of changes to modes like Horde. There was a big change from Gears of War 4 to Gears 5, and then there were regular updates to Gears 5 PVE. Especially when players have become evidently stuck in a rut from earlier Operations and try to bring those bad habits to games today, it’s aggravating.

If you’re really starting from scratch today, you’re a gem that won’t bring baggage to the current state of play.


I did notice the “ randoms” factor that comes up a lot in different threads. I assumed if most new players like me play alone by themselves, then random = new.

I haven’t played Horde when the game launched so no idea on what kind of changes the game went through.
I’ve tried playing last night as Anchor but unfortunately it didn’t go well. The whole crew just got frozen and died on wave 7. I only played Frenzy so far but I saw there are many other modes.

Play your class, if you want to use certain guns play a class that benefits from those guns.
Only Engineer builds, buys, and upgrades. very important!
Deposit your energy when playing 1 to 50s for the first 10 waves
Unless your engineer makes a point about a weapon locker, its not yours. don’t take weapons from lockers that aren’t yours and don’t put weapons on lockers that aren’t yours.

Difficulty changes the type of cards you earn, if your class rank is 1 to 10 you wont benefit from higher difficulties so joining a lobby with a level 10 on master will only hurt your team.


I asked around the other day and was told the same thing with the exception when the daily challenge offers CXP rewards, I believe then it’s ok to play on higher difficulty?

Anchor is a decent class to start with. It comes with its best weapon, and its Ultimate is nice.

I don’t want to tell you precisely what to do, but what I did when breaking in new classes was to play a few Frenzy matches solo on Private on an easier difficulty (maybe not over Advanced (choose your own mutators, up to 3, as the friendly AI isn’t much help higher than Advanced).
Finishing a Frenzy match will give you one card per boss wave, and you’ll get a few more bonus cards if you’re doing the Daily map.

I’d make it a habit to knock out the daily challenges to get stars to progress the Tour ranks. There’s plenty of coins to be made there, coins which can be used to upgrade those early cards fast if you choose to spend them that way.

Edit: I wouldn’t spend coins on upgrading the ‘Score Boost’ cards, though.


Thanks for the tip!

Btw, what does Score Boost do? When do people use those cards?

They’re pretty niche. If you’re going for leaderboard times or scores on Horde or Escape maps, they’ll come into play.

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Welcome. This forum is really an infinite source of good information (although less active compared to some months before)
Anyway just use the search tool to find all the class guides, hives maps description or even horde tutorials and setup.

What I did when I started is for horde playing all the classes in mid difficulty until I had enough cards to play higher ones.
But what really helped me playing better was doing escape. For this mode I recommend you to watch some solo escape run on YT to learn some useful tricks and ways of fighting. Not to say that escape has a good reward/time ratio for upgrading cards (don’t do speed runs but rather the dailies escape)
Enjoy and see you in game


No no no no. Dumb players spoil the game for everyone else. Ive played with numerous new players that are able to grasp basic concepts of the game and are able to hold their own way better than people who are max level.

Theres various “codes of conduct” when it comes to gears players. Stay away from the game lobbies that are titled something like “Deposit until wave insert whatever wave or be kicked”. Those lobbies are always full of players that have no idea how to play. Instead look for lobbies that aren’t demanding any ridiculous requirements.

My team usually let’s anyone play that isnt a slugger or marksman (those 2 classes are very good but we’ve noticed that these classes usually hinder our playstyles and get us killed).

Id say there’s 2 main rules that just happen in Horde. The first being that if you aren’t an engineer dont buy any fortifications, its just common courtesy. The second being, that if there’s a Demo in the lobby expect everything to revolve around that player. They’ll get the first locker, they’ll get all the kills, etc. Just how it is with Demo players.

For Escape, the only real advice I can give is to run the maps on lower difficulties to acquaint yourself with them and then try them on master so that you have experience with the maps. Blademaster and Nomad work on every single escape map. Brawler is a good 3rd pick as well.


Thank you - I haven’t tried Escape yet. I started working on Anchor and was told it’s a good class to start with.

I try to respect other classes in horde. I know not to build or take other people’s weapons.
A few times the host kicked me before the game, probably because of my low level. I believe the title was level 15+ only.

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Yes sure and it is a very good class for escape too. Very versatile and strong in all modes

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Thank you for the tips. I will keep them mind :slightly_smiling_face:

I tried Nomad at the very beginning and liked the class. It has a lot of potential. It’s still work in progress though.
I’ve searched and read a few thread and there is a player that has a hedgehog icon that wrote a lot of useful comments and tips.

I’ll try to avoid those lobbies that you mentioned


That is @Bleeding_Pepper

Hes a good player that helps people on here all the time. Hes very trustworthy.


@Bleeding_Pepper is the best over here. If you have any questions, he’s your guy.

My advice would be - try to make friends, it will make all the difference playing together.
Good luck and welcome to Gears Family!


If you have a team that is okay with it

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Demo is my most recent class I have mastered, after many many games with try hard demos I get a dislike for the class until an experienced and knowledgeable @WarmJewel54743 taught me how to be a great demo.

If you ever need a boss killing Demo who doesn’t steal kills or hog a Locker hit me up.

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I dont play the game anymore but my group doesn’t ever play demo unless one of us get really really bored lol

There isnt really one to an extent because we all play the game differently but the only thing I can say is train in your classes. Become farmiliar with their strengths and weaknesses and find your own play style that does not make you a burden on your team.

Only advice I can give.

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Do the basics!

Nothing frustrates me more about playing with randoms and seeing they can’t even do the basics. I’ve always been happy to ‘carry’ one or two lowish reup/class level randoms in games I host as long as they do the basics, but some of them even have trouble with that.

By basics I mean, help to: pick up power, capture and empty taps, leave the last one alive if taps need to be captured, revive DBNO’s and deposit power until the engineer tells you to perk (based on a 50 wave Horde). Everyone should be capable of doing this regardless of level or cards.

A few other horde etiquettes you should try and follow: 1/ don’t take other players weapons from their lockers, if you want a weapon pick it up off the field or use your perk money to buy one. 2/ if there’s an engineer in the game don’t build//upgrade or move fortifications or pick up and move the fabricator. 3/ if you’re playing a ballistics class, pick a lane, stay there and defend it, don’t wander off and kill chase.

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