Time to increase the skill gap

Although some changes have been to improve and the game does not feel as casual as in its launch, the truth is that that casual weight is still felt in the game, we are stuck seeing how “pro” or very “good” players simply abuse from aim assist, some others who come running and shoot like crazy and kill without knowing how they did it, others who kill as many as those who get into the action,
even though they do not leave their camp shooting their lancer and receiving deaths from the least damage received by the opponent at the cost of the one who risks in battle, from seeing those shotgun duels that kill you from sleep just by seeing it and are summarized in walking in front of your enemy and trying your luck to have someone to The aim assist helps more, hopefully your enemy has a ping of 10 or 1.
or be chasing an enemy and give him several shotguns so that at the end he turns and blows you off with one shot, or that you take several shots damaging the enemy and He looks for his closest wall and thus kills you with a up a, I think it is time for them to nerf the aim assist, that 100% at 0 meters and 75 from 1 to 4.5 meters with the shotgun makes the game quite questionable Luckily, that lancer that follows you as if it were a guided missile but does not do any harm because they had to nerf it so much thanks to this high aim assist, those bows that stick like gum, that frank that Even if you are not distracted giving lancer and even if you go in movement doing wallbonce it hurts or takes your head off, I think they are reason enough to do a significant nerf to the aim assist and that what really shines is the skill.

I really don’t want to be that person…but can you please separate with some paragraphs and grammar?
That is actually difficult to read.
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Sorry, you are absolutely right, the problem is that I speak Spanish and it is difficult for me to make myself understood in these forums

They already nerf the aim assistits fine now

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Imo they need to allow gibs at 85% and up.

Or at least make the player who receives 85% and up go down on that shot.

but they are nerfing it along with the movement and i really dont want the slower game
I feel that the way more is the one that gears took in the original saga, it consists in that the assistance is low but the reward for hitting the target is high, that the weapons such as the lance the pistol and the gnasher have greater damage, that although hitting all your shots will cost more, it will be compensated for really improving your aim

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