⚙️ Time to Crown 👑 Gears 5 Characters Skins Try Hard Collection

I Think This Belongs To Me :crown::1st_place_medal:357 Skins. I have lots of money & stream hours & game played hours to complete every character skin in Gears 5 offered.


Well done :cookie:


Id say that you lived up to your name.


What’s the rarest skin you have

That’s hard let’s start with Money
Glacial Armor Kait

Multiplayer Rank Top 100
Trinity Skorge

Short Window esports store
It’s Johnny

Just a few

My name is GearsCharacters, king of dresses.
Look on my collection, ye Mighty, and laugh.


Thanks I’ll dance around your basic skin.

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Thats not really a flex tbh

This is just corny my guy, at least you put some effort in but do better.


Congratulations. Put it on your CV.

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3,754 weapon skins, lol, I’ve just got 2,000 and thought that was quite high. :smile:

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I have no idea how many skins i have.

All i know is i dont have the full toxic set.

Gg the coalition for failure to give out the rest as escape rewards💩

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Ok :roll_eyes:

Of all the things to boast about… And given the audience on these forums too. :smiley:

Number of skins > Being #1 in the world for completions on The Detour (any difficulty) > Repeat solo master Escape Hives using the same class but different skins > Master solo Horde runs using Sam

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I mean, he is right about one thing. That he’s (possibly unreasonably) passionate about skins in Gears 5.

I’d also like to mention the fact that this points the absurd number of them we have for weapons out.


I think the only two things I’ve been impressed with on these forums were:

(1) The master solo Escape with all classes challenge, which was obviously a group effort by those involved.

(2) @Ultra_Gnasty’s master solo Horde ventures.

That’s not to say that I’m hard to impress. I’m a man of low standards. I consider a good day one where I don’t accidentally splash a bit of pee on the toilet rim. It’s just alot of the things that people on here like to boast about don’t do it for me.


Just think what we could’ve had if tc spent the same amount of time making skins on stuff that would’ve made the game better/fun.

Actually they did kind of. Me and 11 other people are the only ones on earth to have the entire toxic weapon set primarily because we all participated in the Master Solo Escape challenge last year. Keep in mind that it was merely a congratulations gift from TC Shauny rather than something TC officially organized which makes it all the more special in my eyes.

I know this.:unamused:

Pretty sure i even comment on the subject in that post by @CommanderCH2863

I was the 1st to suggest you guys get a reward

It leaves an even bitter taste in my mouth knowing that someone can just drop these skins on to some peoples laps yet cant commit to keeping the rewards in escape to at least let us earn them.

If you read down from this post you can see my thoughts on the toxicc set rewards.


Yeah. By all means, have a special super exclusive reward for these kinds of unique feats. The issue is that TC clearly ballsed up the Escape rewards with these incomplete sets.

It’s still terrible practice to randomly pick people out and individually give them skins. If anything, the skins should have been baked into the game and awarded to anyone soloing various hives.

It was also terrible practice to delist all of the other skins too. Ranked, general rewards, old store content, leaderboards, etc.

In b4 not randomly given out, blah, blah. (Not necessarily you, Defensor, but it is a predictable response)

It was an arbitrary community-driven challenge that a TC employee randomly decided to award content. It’s bad policy.

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