Time it takes for Tour of duty rewards

So for this tour of duty from what I have seen the star requirements increase every rank

Private 1-3 takes 5 stars each time.
Cpl 1-3 takes 6 stars.

So does each rank increase the amount of stars required? I think that would get pretty ridiculous quickly when you have to collect 15 stars to rank up when you may only earn 5 a day from daily objectives.

The medals earn stars too but are more long term to earn.

Also I thought I seen that the boost you get from the Ultimate edition or the store doubles the stars you earn. Anyone confirm this?

Kinda hoping we can rank up at least once a day. If it gets to where it takes multiple days of daily objectives to rank up will that will be a pain.

Will we be able to complete the tour in 3 months only doing dailies?

I think based on the number of ranks, it looks like if you play every day like it’ll take a week or two. 3 months is more than enough.

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Well with 43 ranks and if it were possible to do one a day then yes approx 6 weeks.

Medals will shave some time off if you complete some of them

It’s going to be a grind.


Yes that’s what I’m afraid of. I’m all for earning content but with two kids and a full time job I just hope it’s realistic to achieve. I’m simply not going to be able to do the daily missions all the time.


Well I appreciate the grind. I know it’s tough, but oh well too bad so sad.

Gears 3 has some grueling grind on the way to Seriously.


Do you even have any of the Seriously achievements from any of the Gears games? I don’t see in on your Xbox profile.


I didn’t say I did? I just said that there was a grind…and that I appreciate it.

What an unwarranted attack.


Not an attack. When you said “…too bad so sad” you appeared indifferent to @Superfly56 situation. I can appreciate where’s he’s coming from.


I’ve said it before when people asked for Raam to get an extension. When the top-tier rewards are easy for even the most basic player to earn, it takes the pride and accomplishment away from earning the rewards. That’s why I hate Aaron in 4, a character I did the (fairly easy) challenge for but then was just opened up to everyone anyways.

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One cannot truly understand the grind unless one attempts it. I’ve completed Seriously 1,2,3, and 4 and as you can imagine, it took lots of time when having to work a 9 to 5 job.

Nevertheless, it’s all good. Peace.


I get the grind aspect but its the Timed part of it that is concerning. Especially for skins like Scarred JD. He is on the box art and all the promotional material for the game.

So in 3 months he’ll no longer be available to get. So people who open up Gears 5 at Xmas and see the box or play the campaign and get excited for JD’s new look will be unable to ever unlock him. I bought a box of Chips Ahoy yesterday with JD’s new look on it .

I get Skins like Big rig dizzy or Thrashball Cole being exclusive or even timed but the dude on the box art of the game? Seems ■■■■■■ up.


I have a feeling it will be purchasable some time in the future.

It will all be purchasable or craftable at some point.

Say this with me.

I cannot allow myself to be measured by the collection of skins.


I don’t want a collection of skins, I just wanna play as the dude on the box art of the game lol

I agree. It looks like slim pickings to start the game. No doubt monetization is the name of the game. Play or prepare to pay should be TCs slogan. While I envision the economy of the game will eventually change like Gears 4, it won’t be before December.

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I work full time, married and have a son myself man. Three months should be enough time. Plus, the boost will help you too.


Did you even enjoy spending all that time just to get seriously done in Gears 3?

To me, that’s just an waste of time and definitely not enjoyable.

What was enjoyable though, people joining Guardian on Gears 3 in public matches, trying to get those onyx badges. While I demolished them.

I did onyx my Gnasher 9 times though.

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As long as they don’t disappear after a certain amnt of time I’m cool with it.

Lol see this is the ■■■■ I’m talking about. Nobody will be happy ever with what they do. If they made the tour of duty purchasable like a normal pass and cost 15 bucks people would flip. “It’s pay to win” “coalition is stingy” “epic wouldn’t have done this” but now it’s free and going back to actual gameplay actual hours out into the game for rewards and now it takes too long to get things because I have a life. Like that’s the reason a lot of games do that to keep the people who are adults may have jobs and kids but still wanna play games and feel rewarding. It’s one way or another I guess nobody will be happy.