Time Energy was taken away from the game

Ever played the Engineer and there was no Energy in the Fabricator, because no one is dumping it. I have. Ever wiped because there was not enough Fabrication out, ever been blamed because you are the Engineer, guess what. I have.

Energy, a resource used for building Fortifications in Horde mode on Gears of War 4 and Gears 5, in Gears of War 4 Horde it was supposed to be collected by the Scout. Yeah, right, how many times did that happen… In Gears 5, some bright spark decided to use Energy for building and Perks for personal use, except the Engineer.

So, what is the problem. Simple. There are still games where no one is dumping Energy for the Engineer to build with. There is a Post in the Forums at this precise moment where common sense and guilt have been questioned. I am not going to go in to detail, suffice to say, it is not the first time Energy has caused a stir.

Solution. Get shut of the Energy. The Scout in Gears 5 Horde is useless as a collector now, the Scout in Gears of War 4 Horde was only good if the team had some sort of communication or cohesion. Mostly anyone and everyone collected. Making the point, pretty useless of why have a Scout. Truth is, the Scout was a Tank, and served well as one too.

Alternative. I think it is time that an alternative was given as a resource for the Engineer to build, and that alternative should be a restricted build quota in the Fabricator. This will take some work for The Coalition to implement, but the idea is, you are given so many Barriers to build per game, so many Sentries to build and so may Weapons Lockers, they are locked and released depending upon level and or experience. This is to stop people chucking out Ten Barriers before Wave one is complete, same with Sentries and stuff. Upgrades work the same way too, so you can not have a line of Sentries at level 4 again at Wave ten. As i said this will take some implementation, and obviously not going to happen in Gears 5 Horde. This for now is a basic idea, i am sure people out there will see its advantages, and also have ideas on how to refine my quickly thought up ideas.

It is time the Energy was taken from the game, but for now, Energy should be automatically dumped at the end of each and every wave automatically, this The Coalition can do in Gears 5 Horde.

As for Perks, they should never have been bought for Energy in the first place, this i object to very, very strongly. Perks should be earned, and not taken from the pocket of the Engineer. (no matter how much Energy remains at the end of the game)

I look forward to comments building upon my thoughts, better ideas, as mine are basic. For now.

Well as you said this ideas are quite basic but still they are quite good also yeah when the low level player its in your game or someone wants to be annoying perks give them either unintentionally or intentionally a way to make the game less enjoyable im actually surprised that with the talk of Op4 being pve centric TC or the community havent mention perks and how they should be changed instead focusing heavily in the class system but still this is a issue that would be perfect to adress this update

To be fair, this other situation mentioned in the other thread had three other team mates who were believed to be in a group together all colluding together and withholding power and refusing to deposit. It’s not a totally unique situation, but it’s relatively rare.

In GOW4 there was a dependency on the scout to collect and deposit, and in that respect the engineer and the rest of the team were kinda at their mercy. If the scout was trolling, ignorant or being really selfish, then there wouldn’t be very much power for the engineer to use.

GOW5 shares the power - anything picked up by anyone off the floor, from taps, from kills, any weapon smelted by JACK… it’s all shared, so it massively mitigates the impact of one ignorant, absentminded or trolling player who doesn’t or forgets to deposit. I think TC have got it right in this respect.

I wouldn’t want there to be limits to fortifications. If people want to spam fortifications then so be it. If they want to go minimalist, again, so be it. I’m a big supporter of player choice.

I dont really like that idea if you could only build a certain quantity of fortifications in certain maps it could be too little to defend properly your base and thats my main issue for this to work TC would need to check everymap and give them a custom number of fortifications.

Lets take pahanu its a pretty big map and would you put the same number of fortifications avaliable for a small map ? it would also affect the development of maps due to having them to be a specific size practically just making maps palette swaps of each other

I think TC has given the player plenty of ways to get energy. Playing with randoms is risky but I play 95% through custom lobbies and its very rare that it happens

The way I look at is that waves 1-10 no one should buy any perks and everything goes towards the base. After 10 I dont care if you buy a perk every other round or so as long as you are still donating.

The only thing I think TC should change is the randomness of the tap spawns. They should pop up around the base before anywhere else

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I agree. You’ll never be able to totally get rid of idiots or trolls, that’s the nature of gaming and especially public matchmaking.

GOW is at heart a team game, but public matchmaking doesn’t lend itself well to that because for whatever reason people don’t tend to communicate or use mics.

The in-game economy for Horde is more than enough. The first 10-20 waves (depending on the map, engineer, whether JACK is there or not, and skill cards) or so will always be a bit tougher on the economy because you need to build. But once everything is built then you’re typically swimming in power. I play with friends and our base is fully built between 15-20; and our perks all fully upgraded by around 30 as averages. We then stop smelting weapons around 35 once we have a reserve of money for emergencies.

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Perks should never have been tied to Energy. Perk increases should be given automatically for clearing boss waves as a reward to buff to your character for the harder waves to come.

Hmmm, interesting. I had expected some comments being rather offensive, suggesting i want to change the mechanics of the game and stuff like that. But my intentions were for a well balanced game favouring the Engineer to build an effective base with out problems arising from lack of Energy due to forgetful, offensive and/or destructive people in the game.
It really does not matter how many people out there that do not dump Energy, the situation is it happens, and if you can take that away, then it creates a better, and even less hostile game. We have all been there.

As for restrictions on Fortifications, i am thinking of a good size number, the restrictions are Wave based, not quantity based. What is the point in creating your entire base in the first wave, doing that seriously unbalances the game.
What i am suggesting is, you can not have a level 4 Sentry, or a level 4 Barrier before Wave 10. I can chuck out 2 level 2 Barriers at Wave one by Wave 10, depending upon Energy dumped i will have several Weapons Lockers an enough Barriers to last the game. This is what i mean by restrictions.
Stagger the ability to build, to the point at Wave 20, you have everything you need, and any Wave after that you can build what you want. Meaning, you could play the game with the bare minimum and have a competitive game, or, you could have a game with loads upon loads of Barriers and Sentries. But lets face it people, any self respecting Engineer is not going to build an absolute mountain of Fortifications, we know from past experiences it give the Engineer a bad, bad name.

The only other option regarding the Energy, is that it is dumped at the end of every Wave, and none is used for Perks. Which i have already explained should be earned by experienced, or for the weaker players, earned per level. You are given points per Wave completed, you choose where they go, until maxxed out. Actually i like that idea better, and i just thought of that whilst writing this.

Thank you all for the comments.