Time calculations at Escape

How is the time actually calculated? If I have a Escape game of aprox 5 min. . They show me a final time, at the end of the game, looking something like 00:30:23 ! Which is far from real time. Whats the point of that? (Well, maybe the 25 mins extra is the loading time😄)?

Each difficulty starts at a particular time ie 30 mniutes for no modifiers. The more modifiers the lower the starting time. You could view this as removing a penalty each time a modifer is added.

Bonuses are awarded for kills, executions, headshots, marked kills, COG Tags gathered etc. These bonuses increase in value with each modifer on.

Time is added from the clock and a MIA penalty for anyone who doesn’t make it.

All of this can be seen in game and at the end screen.

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Your escape time isn’t the actual time it takes for a successful run.

For example you see players who have completed a hive in -30 minutes, which in actual terms is impossible without maybe a time machine.

Just look at it like a score that’s given in the form of “time”.

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You know, I was wondering this myself when I cleared a hive in like 8 mins. It said like 25 so good to know.

If you care about your time its definitely good to see ingame the scoring system so you can get a grasp on how to best play.

Also helps to know where the enemies spawn at the end and plant shocks and have some fire dop/salvo etc there to maximise time bonus for kills. It has the added impact of making the end section much easier.

Cool. Thanks, I’ll check that out.

Example here:

Beginner starts at 30 minutes as a penalty for playing on the easiest setting.

Master on the other hand has no penalty on the starting time. All of the bonuses are worth more as you go up in difficulty too, so COG tags give 5 minutes off the clock each IIRC on Master (more if someone has score boost on when they pick them up).

Getting the COG tags, killing enemies etc can allow you to get amazing times.

Note the time doesn’t actually start until the bomb goes off, allowing me to start the Gauntlet at negative 5 minutes due to picking up a COG TAG :slight_smile: