Tier List OP5 - Escape


Anyone have a tier list for escape OP5 ?

I Think Medic / Ancor / Tactitian / Marksman

If you mean by actual Escape Hives, I made this thread about a month ago. I’ve included my list of Hives based on what I thought was most and least difficult; and other people have chimed in with their opinions too.

In terms of the classes you mentioned, I don’t understand what you mean. If you mean which Hives are those classes best suited for, well it all depends. It’s a team effort and for some Hives, a Marksman is normally very good, but if the other two team mates choose poorly suited classes, then the Marksman may struggle regardless.

I haven’t gone into detail for each Hive. I know there are specific threads on these forums for some of the Hives. Use the search function and they should appear.

He lists classes starting with medic.
Strange because the medics ultimate is so slow that he doesn’t bring a ton to escape

Yeah, I don’t understand precisely what the OP means. I wonder if he/she is wanting to know what Hives to play to grind for cards and CXP?

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Top tier - Brawler, Marksman, Nomad, Tactician
Second tier - Anchor, Blademaster, Gunner, Infiltrator
Third - Demolitions, Pilot, Protector, Robotics Expert
Fourth - Architect, Combat Medic, Mechanic, Slugger, Striker, Veteran

Keep in mind, this is only a rough estimate as I haven’t gotten totally accustomed to all changes yet. Also, I’m not that experienced with some of these classes. I’d say definitely Anchor and Blademaster have gotten a small boost from Op 4, whereas Infiltrator has gone down slightly. I’d say Demolitions and Veteran have gone down the most. Mechanic never had a chance. Poor guy. :cry:

Blasphemy! :anguished:

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This made my day lmao

After messing around as Veteran tonight on the daily hive (Lethal Engagements) I’m shocked at how strong he is on that hive. I wasn’t expecting to be very effective, seeing as I never play him and had myself been down on him. In fact, the first times I tried to play him I was kicked in lobby until finally a nicer lobby took me in. That ult paired with Claw and Band of Bros got us out of some very sticky situations. I would wager to say he may be one of the best class choices on LE. I feel bad for putting him in the bottom tier now. Maybe he should be at least tier 3. Any other hives where he can come in clutch like that or is LE just a one-off occurence?

I’ve had success in OP5 with the Veteran class on Lethal Engagements, The Ambush, The Malfunction, The Mist, The Choke, The Barracks and The Onslaught.

Brutal Efficiency is now part of my card set for Escape. I never really used it before.

He makes cheesing the second act of The Onslaught even easier now. Longshot plus Living Legend with Focus and Headshot Master and you can just walk through the second act straight to the helipad while popping the domes off any Elite Drones that get in your way.


In the past, Rifle Feedback extended based on Assault Rifle damage and before that, it was hits. Now, it’s 40 seconds long with Focus and could use any weapons. So Veteran is more useful now. I personally haven’t gotten around to trying it in as many hives yet in Op 5.

Yeah you don’t actually need to be shooting to be generating stim, it now just generates from nothing. That was the part that I hadn’t considered before dismissing him earlier. However, his damage should still be quite respectable if HM is leveled (mine is only 2). It’s the 40 second near-invulnerability that turns his ult into a game-changer.