Tier leaderboards should return after pre season imo here is why

it was just cool seeing your highest ranked achieved
and seeing the percentage you were in the leaderboards for that specific tier/rank

once I got master in FFA I haven’t touched it because I can’t see how many people are ahead of me GP wise

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Honestly idk what TC is doing with Rank and leader boards, just the whole war journal in general.
I thought TC was turning the corner with Rank, but KOTH needs some serious work. This whole GP s*** is getting frustrating. At first I like the Ranking system just needed some adjusting, after just one adjustment TC made everything worse. I only play for xp now because you can win 3 straight have a quitter and be worse off than when you started the day.
When I was D1 or Onyx 3 I had alot of fun. Matchmaking was awesome. Than I had a run of bad luck , quitters, losing gp for lobby breaks and just straight Loses. Now matchmaking is horrific at gold 3 I get silvers and Bronze players against Onyx and stacks, along with the sticky walls I finally turned this s*** off.

Sorry a little off Topic but I’m heated right now. Just one **""" game and i had to turn this crap off. Lol

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lol you’re fine bro I quit this game one week into OP2 and I just came back around 2 weeks ago so everything has improved for me.
That’s why I’m gonna be mostly playing FFA… points wise nothing does it better than FFA imo, also TDM for ranked and KOTH when I have at least a 3 stack

the things that annoy me currently are

  • No Ranked Leaderboards like they had/highest rank achieved
  • Koth GP for win needs to be at least 200 and go back to 2 GP a kill or imo keep 1 GP for a kill and reward more GP for caps and breaks
  • War Journal Overhaul/Rework
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I loved op 2 movement. Stuck with the game through horrible op3. I was like hell yeah for op4. Than the little tweeks happened and TC didn’t think that far ahead. Now I’m like Naw. Lol.
Even prior to this post I had a much detailed response but it just said “saving” and wouldn’t let me Post. Kinda like TC wanted to add a little more salt for my negativity.