Tickets not being answered

Has anyone else raised a ticket, got an email asking if its still an issues, confirming its still an issue and getting no response past that?

i raised a ticket back in May with no response about a fix, its the achievements not tracking for damage, assists, kills etc.


You have to get a full percent for the achievement to track any progress. For the 100,000 kills you have get 1000 kills for the progress bar to move. Go to your stats for versus and look at your kills and see if your stats match your progress. If they do match, you’re good to go.

I have never received a single response to the tickets I sent.

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Yes, but my problem is with an error using the forums on mobile, so no big deal if they don’t answer my 2nd email.

I don’t know if they answer a 2nd time or it’s just like an acknowledge

They took two months to resolve an issue where I would buy iron and I wouldn’t get the iron right away. I’m guessing it really depends on the severity of your problem. I’m wondering if it’s also just not enough staff.

Its an end of life game. And is running on auto pilot. Im not surprised your tickets are sitting.

I have 6k kills on versus (I know I mainly play horde) but the percent is 9% when it should be six.

My concern is that if I get passed that and it doesn’t track, like my damage I have no way of cross referencing

Same for me, my ticket was escalated but nothing after that.
I was on 64k kills, 64% for assists and 61% for damage when Op 7 was released and trashed all my stats.
I lost 26k kills from my stats so it’s obviously done the same to assists and damage.
I have another 4,000 kills since submitting a support ticket which must have increased the assists and damage but none of the achievements have gone up.
I have submitted 4 tickets and none of them were resolved.

Sent 4/5 tickets and all were responded to.

Sent a ticket with videos detailing bugs that negatively impact play, got a response, then much much later on got another asking if they are still present, then sent more videos detailing the same bugs and have heard nothing in months lol

I’m on month 5… closing in on 6 for a ticket to “unstick” an upgradable card.


Send another

Send 3 even and you will still have jammed cards.
I gave up.

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I followed up several times. All I ever get is the canned “are you still experiencing this issue” BS.

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Message @TC_Sera hopefully she can help you sort it out. I posted on there about glitches that never got fixed so. :man_shrugging:t2:

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I think I sent some tickets back in fall/winter 2019. Never got any response as far as I can remember