Ticket support system, Gears 4 and UE(win10) STILL broken

So i sent my support ticket about a gears 4 issue 3 months ago and heard litterally nothing since!
Has anyone had a response from this ticket system that ended with a solution that fixed anything? has anyone even gotten a response that wasn’t that generic september 17th message? request # 6010 is my ticket.

Gears UE WIN10 versus is still broken, despite them posting a whats up saying were working on it.
gears 4 is still broken for me and a few others, don’t play on PC for your first playthrough unless you want random permenantly locked story achievements.
gears of war: judgement events will never be fixed.
can someone from the coalition comment? no? what a surprise! oh i guess i’ll go to microsoft support. what? they say its entirely the coalitions fault? Impossible. They would leave a broken game behind.