Tick rate & Ping. Needs work

PC player here.

A lot of games are 60hz tick which is usually fine. I don’t know if its the style of the game or possibly very laggy servers but i find myself getting hit when I’m fully behind cover almost EVERY game. (and i aint talking my ■■■ got tagged on the way behind it, im talking im out the f**king room 600 yards clear of getting hit by bullets but yet still go down a second after getting behind it).

A lancer will hit me and i will hear the first bullet land on my character, At the same time i hear that first bullet land my entire screen is fully red so i get to cover. My character gets behind the cover successfully but then falls down to bullet fire that by the looks from my screen i don’t appear to be in.

Very frustrating!

Also the ping i noticed is just terrible, anywhere between 80-150 every game (only done about 15 games tbf)
Usually sit at about 15 ping most titles i play.

I bought this through steam and i am currently sitting on 117 minutes played. It’s crashed on me once. dissolved 5 games. Kicked me out of a game due to a connection error. along with the list of other things above I’m finding it hard to enjoy! Which is why i have left it at 117 minutes played (For none steam users 120 minutes is the threshold to get a refund)

These things will be fixed or is it a signature gears thing? Unsure as to if i want to continue on this poor service provided at the moment.