Thx for mercy. Should bring back all maps.. Theyre soo gorgeous!

Props to g5 crew for making all these gorgeous maps… Mercy coming back is such a fresh thing. U guys shud bring them all back lol whats the harm…? Theyre all so gorgeous and freshen up the game so much!!

The problem is time, it takes months for a single map to get ported, for them to do all the maps it would probably take years.

They can leave all the big maps out
Sandbar :frowning:

Although with “weaker “rifles overpass would be fun

I Enjoy the maps too but I drop really hard frames on Mercy and Ephyra for some reason. Ephyra I understand, that’s a big map but why Mercy?

I don’t mind Mercy. It looks great.

But if you ask me they should’ve changed it up a bit. Make it destroyed, overran with Swarm matter.


Mercy is an amazing map. I love it not big but not too small either. I’m glad we got it but I would like koth back too :pensive::pensive:

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Mercy would be 1,000x better if they removed the ring from the center platform in control.

I’m same, waiting for KOTH to be back,

2 rounds is better & also with smaller ring to cap and break,

Hopefully TC can soon :pray:.

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TC don’t bother to port more maps because they can’t sell them for money.

I’m surprised they are not charging maps as dlc like back in the day with epic lol

It’ll be announced in OP8 featuring OP6’s Narrator: “More Content, More Often”


Maps and skins are the candies that keep the kids interested. DLC like Hivebusters will be for cash money, as well as new games. Pretty soon it will be mandatory games as a service. Game Pass and now the sign up and get an Xbox will be on everyone’s monthly bill pile.

Long Live Guardian!!!

Ah yes,

It’s like Christmas when I hear “More Content, More Often”.

I mean,

I’m still waiting for all this content,

But the announcer says it’s More Often,


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We used to joke around back in OP6, saying “Same content, more often”

Joke’s on us, now is “Less Content, more often”

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A remake from gears 1-3 like jacinto or mansion takes 6 months to make. Same amount of time as a brand new map as that takes 6 months also. A gears 4 ported map takes a month to touch up and bring over. Dana has said that himself. What I don’t get is war machine from gears 4 is in the game for 2v2 so why can’t they just bring the full map to the game? Not that I want that map really but it’s like just a map sitting there.