Throw escape away

Hey TC it would be nice to just delete escape altogether. Maps and mode would save space on our hard drives.

I’m sure it’d be nice if they allowed you to do a modular installation of the modes you wanted to play but they ain’t getting rid of the mode altogether when there’s people who like and play it.


Yup I for one , I don’t ever play Escape… after all this isn’t a RESIDENT EVIL game in no way…

I wouldn’t complain if they scrub ESCAPE and put heart , mind and soul in Horde instead.


Agreed. When I first booted up gears5 I thought for sure there would be a tie in to the mode in the game, and either I slept through playing the “escape from the hive” level, or it was nothing like escape in the slightest…OR (more likely) just a stupid fkn add on mode that makes no sense to have

Yeah… its like having a bad ■■■ FORD LOBO TRUCK and just add on a sticker of Garfield on the back… such magnificent Truck doesnt need that… for me ESCAPE its that " garfield sticker " hahahahaha :smile:

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I just want bots in escape,people just run and run and run and they stress me out,we have enough time for god’s sake!

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Yup. Sometimes Escape becames a running race simulator. :roll_eyes:


I really like escape but each to their own lol


The maps are made from the tiles. The tiles are used in FFA. The map itself is streamed to the console from the server, hence why they can put new maps up with no updates.

Plus deleting Escape won’t make as much space as you think.

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Yeah, who can run to the ammo n take everthing for themself.

I joined a master clock run last night (need cards for baird) 1 of the other ppl put on screen “great letting randoms do all the work” they both kept shooting me, and when i got downed one just stood there laughing at me with the lahni emote.
Only time i ever met a couple toxic donkeys playn escape

Met lots of ppl that dnt no what to do tho…

I love the game mode and look forward to new hives. I’m hopping we get new themed tiles soon as the current ones are getting old, but I enjoy the management of ammo and looking for the best opportunity to maximize players ultimate abilities.

I also am a big resident evil fan, so this is totally up my alley. I can see where people who dont like to strategize wouldn’t like the mode.

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To each their own, Escape is a great new mode, shorter version ,takes skill and coordination with your partners ,have friendly fire on unlike Horde, you don’t like escape don’t play. The escape maps are loaded from Server not your drive

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The thing I hate about escape is most people are just doing speed runs. I hardly see anyone actually “playing” escape. They’re just using it as a way to farm exp/cards. If I wanted to run from something id go back to Dead by Daylight.

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