Throw a smoke...get nothing?

Yeah so…how off was my aim on this one?

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It’s simple.

You missed.

Thanks for playing our indie project.




It was quite obvious a miss
not really seeing the issue here

You aren’t being serious right?

An extremely rare dud. This can happen about 1/1000 grenades thrown. The feature was programmed in for the sake of realism which is actually quite impressive when most games don’t bother to do that.


Looks like you were requisitioned a dud lol

I’d prefer they didn’t do that.

Then there will be the group who moans that grenades are unrealistic. No matter what developer can never make everyone happy.

Right…I don’t need them to be real. I just need them to work.

I don’t throw a smoke and turn on my fog machine to make it “real”


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When you think about it, the dud is consistent with the game too, it’s like the Gnasher sometimes shooting blanks :joy::joy: (this is referring to times you pull the trigger and nothing happens)

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Spawn in the game and get nothing ? Can’t shoot or switch weapons.

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