Three months after release and still no solution to the game freeze? PC version. Edit: I found a solution

three months after release and still no solution to the game freeze? Lately I can’t even play, the game freezes every 15 minutes, I have to restart the computer. I’ve been banned for this, and you shouldn’t ban a person from all versus systems, only ranking. I can’t find matches, the game’s matchmaking takes 5 minutes to find a match, even with hundreds of people playing. When you think they put me on servers with very high ping. Speaking of which is Gears 4 ping has gone up a lot lately, the only way I can play Gears decently is at 4, not even now, because mysteriously ping is in the sky. I hope someone from TC can answer me something.

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What graphics card/drivers you got? I have a nvidia geforce 1060 and had the latest update whenever they came out and was having loads of crashes (i got banned too). I reset my drivers to what is ‘recommended’ 436.30 not had an issue since… hope this helps

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RX 570, last driver. I heard that the freezes were because of the sound card, and the anticheat system. Here is a strange sound, before freezing and blue screen. Another thing, the game’s graphics have been weird since the last update. I run the game at 60 fps, but it seems to be 30. I would be very willing to spend money in the store buying cosmetics and helping developers, as this is the game I love the most since I started playing it in 2007. I really hope that the community be heard, and that these problems be resolved.

I just did the recent update and my game crashes to the desktop all the time just playing horde. It happens when new waves start. Game freezes and then back to the desktop.

I tried to downgrade my video drivers back to 436.30 thinking that would help and it didn’t.

I am running 2080ti and have never had a problem until this new update.

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I’ve seen a few other threads about horde crashing, does it crash in other modes too? Sorry that didn’t help

same here … crash to desktop in horde between waves

I found a solution here, user tip EasternElk4, put the graphics low. After I did that the game did not freeze anymore, nor did it give blue screen. But it looks awful. For now the only solution here was this, first time I play three days in a row without having to restart the pc.

Well… It seems to be working fine after today’s update.

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