Three hours of grind and the map isn't even in the rotation

We all know, how ■■■■ this “win a versus match on *mapname” is. Today I had to do even two of them 0_o. While I was lucky with the first, I finished this trashgame now after 3 hours of grinding “foundation map”. It didn’t even show up, when you can vote after a match. The map is definitely not in the rotation. I tried several game modes.

We all know that this greedy developer TC wants to buy us Iron, but creating objectives, which definitely can’t be accomplished, forcing us using Iron to skip them is just… wow. I’m so done with this trashgame. Never played so much ■■■■ in life. I ■■■■■■■ hope, this Company crushes down, and they will stay unemployed to starve hunger from the rest of their pathetic life. Noone deserves this game. Really, no one

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what they expect us to play is a Brutality

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Well, at least you didn’t overreact.


I just jump in and out of co op versus the AI until I find the map the daily objective is on. Takes like 10 minutes max then I go play ranked. I don’t sit playing quickplay or ranked for 3 hours trying to find it…I do agree with some of your points though but next time you have to do a win on a certain map just load up co op a few times until you find your map and bam it’s done in a matter of minutes…

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Well, at least you didn’t overreact.

Yes, I did, I feel ashamed now, but I cannot delete the thread. I felt so unbelievable annoyed and trolled 2h ago.

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The challenge that is pathetic is win 5 arcade matches. I actually liked arcade but Arcade blitz is absolute garbage. I didn’t even check if there was a swarm character with a dropshot but the other team had two Lizzie. Dropshot all day. It’s like unlimited ammo with the kills. Dumbest thing. Terrible. They should make it like Koth and let it be capped. Just horrible lol. Idk what to say. I won’t touch arcade again not even for challenges if it’s still blitz mode

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Raam can get a dropshot in the ? categories but I think the jermad can get a dropshot I don’t have him yet so I can’t say for sure

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I did this morning. “win a versus match on lift”. I havn’t seen this map at all btw. Wasted another 20mins of lifetime to jump in and out (coop vs AI). No lift. Of course not,

You should write something positive about Gears 5 to attone for your earlier freakout.

Can you teach me your ways Jedi? I’ve tried this before, but usually it puts me back in the match I just left.

Can you explain your process in detail along with timings between leaving and searching again?

Takes me like an hour per map challenge usually :roll_eyes:.


Yes, I feel ashamed for that -.- sry that all I was trying to get allfathers map for a total of about 8hrs untill I finally got to get on the map to get my stars, but I’m not on here moaning about it

I’m not sure I can teach you lol, I will show you when I get a game or two with you. I even needed all fathers map a few days ago and I found it in the 3rd co op game I joined and quit and I thought it was one of the maps that would be tough to find in co op.

Are you playing any guardian recently? I know we were chatting about the ranked lobbies for it being dead but wouldn’t mind getting a run on it for a change. Yeah I probably won’t be able to reply on Xbox because I got a communication ban for giving a ranked quitter some abuse…

Funny you say that, I actually have to admit out of the gears 4 maps the only one I really see much in circulation for me personally is foundation. I actually haven’t seen lift on co op circulation…

I haven’t played ranked since they broke the shotgun for us PC kbm users. So I will play a few games, but not many until they fix it.

They’ve confirmed it’s broken at least, so I hope the fix doesn’t take an eternity to release… as I miss playing ranked.

Foundation is in fact in rotation

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The map’s more like a myth, just as Reclaimed. It once took me three days to get on Reclaimed, in play time probably like 6-7 hours. I absolutely hate these challenges because it can take forever to get the specific map, with the risk of losing and the team voting for a different map after the game finishes. It’s because of this that I do these challenges always against AI because if you’re looking for a map for hours you don’t want to risk that chance of missing that daily.