Thread for PC and Console arguments where neither side listens to each other

Omg lol

@Krylon_Blue the rematch is called off. @SnubbS said yes to fighting y’all again, just not with me🥺.
Don’t worry, I’ll be ok.

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I’m here for you David

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That’s fine.

You’re more than welcome to team with us sometime.

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At least I have you and Forza🥺

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I need to talk to you in voice chat soon. You got a moment or later?

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Can’t right now man. Putting our old house on the market Friday, so I’m over there working pretty much all day. Should def be on friday afternoon-evening tho👍

I’ll PM you



I wouldn’t say we’re not very good at the game. I was rusty but as a team we were spending more time laughing at things than we were communicating. For us, believe it or not, it was a warm up game. For me, it was Match 1 in over a week. The team we played afterwards was much more sweaty as a team than your squad was and they got steamrolled too.

But this doesn’t mean you’re a bad player. I’m not stupid – I can see a quality player from a mile away. You and @Aloha_its_Kyle can carry games easily. But so can the squad I was playing with. You can’t base skill off of a single game because even the best players have off games.


Excuse me? I’ve played on Xbox. The times haven’t changed. Input methods are the same. Framerate differentials are the same if not better now that the Series X has arrived. This fact hasn’t changed despite what you’re trying to force everyone to believe. I am not insulting the skill level of anyone. I said that you as a console player do not have this major disadvantage you speak of because I and many others have proven that you can beat PC players on console. It’s not even that difficult but you make excuses as to why you lose thus you’re admitting to everyone you lack skill. Go ahead and try and deflect the truth but anyone without this blind agenda can see your crap.

Okay, then why are you so worried about PC players then?

PC is excluded because it’s an XBOX branded tournament and Microsoft is trying to sell the consoles and using them during eSports is great publicity. There is no reason in a LAN tournament they couldn’t use PC because they’d all be equal. In an eSports environment you MUST have 100% equal on everything. With Covid-19 forcing tournaments over the internet it’s easy to see why they still choose console. That doesn’t mean there’s some crazy advantage though. They also don’t allow KB/M in the tournaments despite Xbox allowing it.

You’re right, I am. A fairly high skilled casual player. I never had an ego. You did. You are basically saying you’re only losing due to PC players when that’s a bunch of nonsense. Remember, you too are casual and should stop worrying about PC versus XBOX already.

I can’t argue with you on the scalpers. Absolutely ridiculous that you can’t get an Xbox Series X yet.

Haha, who are you fooling? You know damn well that while you may stop the community will still be made up of PC haters. They don’t use logic – it’s an excuse.

Fiber isn’t this magical gateway to a great Gears experience although dial-up is a nightmare. I also see you’re trying to compare apples to oranges here (internet versus console/PC) and it’s a real far fetch. :stuck_out_tongue:

FYI @BcuzimDRAGON, I am not singling you out. I in all honesty don’t dislike you at all. But I will say this – keep your hands off of my sexy boy toy @GhostofDelta2 or we may have issues. Got it? >:(

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Speak for yourself. He insults me on a daily basis.


I was speaking for myself sir Clown.

Now to back to being a Clown.

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Never once said I’m only losing because of pc players I’m still not losing bro. If anything the game is easier now but far less enjoyable since the tuning changes. You said to 3 different people your fed up of console players moaning and you were that good you could beat pc players. Nobody is complaining about losing matches. Well at least I’m not. You don’t need to belittle players bragging about how good you are and how good you were on console to make your point. Maybe your good in this forum but there are lots of good players out there it’s not necessary unless your elite. And pc players do get an advantage especially over average console players I might be able to destroy them the same but the average console player isn’t.

I’m actually good even beyond this forum. If we’re talking about the best player on the forums that doesn’t play in tournaments that’s @TSU_Silent. Hands down a beast and his Serbian blood keeps him going!

As for bragging… not even close. I don’t brag about my skill. But when you say PC has a major advantage yet I have played on both with the same success thus prove it can be done. As someone who has played on both I can talk from both sides of this issue. It’s those who are one sided that have minimal to no experience on the other to actually give a useful and valid experience.

That is us too more than anything lol

Oh trust me I am fully aware. This is why I don’t know how he comes to such conclusion about skill. You’ve seen more of us playing as a unit than he has and it was brutal. :stuck_out_tongue:

…and that was just Alararis and I with two randoms. Haha

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Lol, THAT match vividly I remember and will never let @TC_Clown forget. After The first round I was like yeah… I see where this is going with nobody saying a word in the party when I was trying to give some callouts :joy::joy:

But it’s chill playing with y’all

I know John’s friends are mad good, probably the best I have played with in 5. Last he told me like 164-0 in control. But that’s staying dedicated with a really good team.

At the end of it, I at least know if we catch each other in matchmaking the match will be decent; not what it is now with getting a level 1 NO REUP on my team.

Respect all you too much to think otherwise.

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Let it go, Kyle