Thread for PC and Console arguments where neither side listens to each other

Do you struggle to read. Did I say gears 5. NOOOOOO. I said gears. Period. Thick guy

So again GEARS OF WAR. When it was created was created for??? Nobody said gears 5 or 4 or 3 or 2 I’m talking about when it was initially created. Your an afterthought bro

Gears is the series you idiot,

example: I Love gears, Gears of war 1 is my favorite of the series.

How about you be more specific… and label which of the Quintet you’re referring too…

No it was written that way for a reason. Now you should work on your comprehension or distinguish between words and number better. I said gears bro. Stop reading what you want to see. Read what is written LOL

Label which on the quintet lmao. I said gears bro I said created. If your IQ was higher than your age you would have understood I shouldn’t have to slow walk you bro. Lmfao


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im jsut gone click ignore. As you see from the replies above from other forum users You are the dumb one here.

You go from you dont want to play against PC’s in SS to i dont mind PC’s in SS to it the Game mechanics…

Now you dont know that Gears of War is the name of the Series.


Hopefully , they fix your matchmaking issue so you can dissapear from here.

Some advice for you kid. Read before you type. Quit when your behind. LOL

@blk_gamer_14 Bye idiot.

Lmao silenced

Agree gears 3 Vs is better than than 4 or 5
Tone down the retro and stopping power
Best gears ever

But the pve in 5 is a 9/10

The code was outsourced lul. Disaster waiting to happen. They should have wrote it with the adaptive controller

Yes im aware thats why i said you could argue smoothness, but a smoother image doesn’t equate a mentally processed image

Yall need to just stop.

Everything you just said is false. Gow 3 movement was good but every gun in the game nuked. Gears 5 multiplayer panders to low skill players.

Ya’ll wont see me argue with that idiot again.

Hes been ignored

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I’m just glad the thread is still alive. Thought @GhostofDelta2 ended it with the “calm” and “peaceful” comment. Almost went red, until some users brought POPC back to an ATH.


Not capable of it made himself look stupid he’s quit now. Funny thing is I wasn’t talking to him today he decided to chime in and got shut down… finally.

My boi you gotta stop calling him that or you will get banned stahp it


Tell him to learn some comprehension skills.

This is like saying stacks matter, stacks doesn’t equate to a win, same way not because you play on PC means you’re a cheater or better player, GIT GUD!

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Honestly man I think he’s just trolling


I do believe gears 5 players are moving to gears 4.

If anything it’s growing as per Microsoft most played list.

However TC can just bring king back to ranked & those unhappy will just be happy.

If they played through OP5-6 they’re going no where. This game is their crack