Thread for PC and Console arguments where neither side listens to each other

It was a huge mistake forcing cross play. I find it hilarious that it’s an attempt to increase the player pool when in the long run its just causing console players to just drop out and quit playing all together. It’s blatantly obvious which players are on consoles just watching how they play and what movements they can pull off. For every one sommand a console player make a PC player can make 3 and for some reason this is supposed to be legitimate game play. I personally went from playing about an hour a day to about 20 min a week. My choices if I wanna enjoy myself are to either by a gaming PC or just play another game. This is so dumb


Gears is my game and i will always play gears.


I am realizing Gears has the biggest cry babies when it comes to crossplay.


Honestly i play gears with xcloud using the touch controls on my phone and it always enraged me that that there was no crossplay toggle for console players. Simple not fair to force me to play against their unethical controllers and screens larger than 5". The forced crossplay with pc now has made it next to impossible to get a kill, really ruins the game for me.


@Teady_Bearz you cant be serious? I understand people on console being unhappy. But someone playing on xcloud with phone screen controls wanting a toggle off option? I mean, their literally might be 3-5 people playing that way…maybe. i cant decide if you are trolling.


Probably both lol.

I seem to have plenty in my game calling me pc scum even tho I hardly bounce so I don’t think they’re going anywhere :blush:

I am called a “PC CHEATER” constantly because of KB/M despite the fact that I use a controller.

The majority of players have no idea what they’re talking about. Can’t blame their own lack of skill for allowing me to get 40 eliminations to their 0. Yes, I said 0.

  1. They can hit 120FPS on a console
  2. They can also use KB/M if they wish
  3. They can use a high refresh rate monitor

Everything I can use is available to them. If they choose not to use the “advantages” they complain about that’s on them. And I can GUARANTEE YOU those players would find out very quickly the advantages don’t actually exist with anything but the input but even then you MUST get used to it and it’s multi platform.


Don’t say like that, they’ll CrY AgAiN


If you think CP is an issue then you must of have had it off this whole time. I’ma PC controller player and i’ve never had a moment where the Competition was unmatched.

Stop with this narrative and actually say “Im not good at the game”

Series X has 120 FPS and a FOV slider.

You cant tell me “Yea you’re on Controller but you’re on PC too” … that arguement is out the window buddy.



We all have that now.


@Shrouded_RR for the record-I cant be irritated with anyone for the input device they choose to play on. This is a TC problem for forcing crossplay at a time where its already very loaded against console (one s and og one) players with the series x and s now in play, yet scarce and unbelievably difficult to attain. And the game continuing to unfortunately deteriorate. .
Ive really tried to support and defend TC most of the time. But their decision making has been horrible. This op has been a buggy mess. They have changed the ranked system( for the umpteenth time),from one that I think most casual players really had gotten accustomed to and liked(well enough), to a system that now rewards the players who simply can play the most that can stack and cheese the system (on control) by refusing to cap the ring to instead trap kill at spawn as the spawns are now static and have no spawn protection. Plus, eliminating the most popular ranked mode that casuals played. Only the top 250 people will enjoy playing Comp now.
So, again, its not you. Its little boys with misdirected anger.
Its really sad and strange-TC has some amazing graphic design

Did TC remove KOTH from comp in Gears 4? Really?

You know it’s just sad that console player complain so much about that. The other day a tier 2 EU pro player was upset because I was 1v2 ing a 2v2 gnasher public execution against him and his friend and called me a pc scum, while I am one of the EU players who won the most beside the UK super team. And that he isn’t even good enough to play in the scrim I sometime sub in.

All this to to say, that even pro players complain about this … bro … I am better than you on pc because i gave my xbox to my little bro during covid, but i can testify you that I’m still better than you on xbox. Stop complaining for no reasons.


No it wasn’t.

I’m just waiting until TC fixes MM in Comp-Control before I play Versus again. You’re all blowing this whole PC/Console-thing way out of proportion.

No one cared about high pings but suddenly a few frames more make all the difference. You guys should really do some self-reflection once in a while.


I play more 4 than 5 but that has not really got anything to do with cross play. I enjoy it more.

I would spend all my Gears time on 3 if it ran more stable. I’m order of enjoyment 3 is head and shoulders the game for me then 4 and some way down then 5.


The game is actually higher on the U.S. most played games list then it was a few weeks/months ago…it stays between #35-#45 as a whole. never going lower higher than 35 and not falling completely off.

It isn’t the crossplay…its the game overall.

Now this is an arguement i can understand.

Lack of hardware availability for most players.

But at the sametime that was like that for every launch, its just this time you can still compete with your older hardware.

Remember the xbone release, you couldnt even party chat with xbone to 360. crazy.

but overall i understand this.

The whole gears community seems to be sissy pissy


I honestly wouldn’t take the user too seriously lol. Since Gears of War 4 they have just dropped into the forums, started a new thread, never commented again on said thread and then was never heard from until they started a new thread lol.

But I’m going to get some popcorn because we all know it’s should get interesting nonetheless lol.