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Thread for explanation of confusing skill card effects

So, would be cool if someone could explain to me what “stopping power” is. Sarah Connor has a skill card that increases stopping power. Is this an increase in damage (thinking original COD), or is it some kind of knock back effect?

Feel free to post other questions on cards you are unsure about.


Wondering this myself. It shows the 2 shotguns in the icon so does it only apply to those weps?

Also, I saw another thread saying someone upgraded it to 90% and tested it on drones with a gnasher. Apparently there was no noticable damage increase so perhaps “stopping power” refers to a knockback effect? Who knows. Would have been nice if the explanations were a little clearer!

Yh I think your right.

Anyone worked this out yet? I have her shotgun card to 170% and I can’t notice any difference at all seems like a useless card to me. Without that card working she doesn’t fulfill her bio promise of a human tank or whatever. She has no stopping power.