Thrashball & Hivebuster Kait

Since there is a Thrashball Kait. Can we get a Hivebuster Football helmet Kait & bring her Thrashball skin also please.

Uhm… really? Why on earth would you want that skin to return AND make a completely off-character looking Hivebuster skin for Kait too then? That would ruin it 100%. It’s already odd enough to give Cole a Trashball helmet for his Hivebuster outfit.

But on Kait? No thanks. That’s on levels of bad approaching the “eSports” skin for her. This is one of the things they absolutely should not ever bring back imo.

And yes, I hated the Trashball skins for Kait. They were the worst looking abominations, all of them. Let them rot in Gears 4.


Guess im one of the few tht think these skins with the helmet is re tard ed.
As in they need the helmet so they dont hurt themselves.

I prefer to call her “Sweaty Kait”, and I still regret not getting it.

I would give you mine if there was an option. I only have it because my inner completionist wanted to finish all the Road to Gears 5 challenges, and never use it.

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Some what related, a lot of people may not know but Rod actually confirmed Hivebuster kait way back at E3.

I had hopes they’d bring her into Escape for Op 3. Kept the bit that characters like Kait would come to Escape eventually in mind when I had read it in an article back when E3 happened.

But it doesn’t seem likely given all current indicators. There’s not been any mentions of a Horde only character coming to Escape.

I have OpTic Kait :grinning:

In actuality I know what you’re talking about. In an interview after they previewed Escape Rod said they planned to bring other characters into Escape, “Like Kait,” he wasn’t referring to a Kait skin specifically.

Since Marcus was the first one to go into Escape.
But a Kait skin is inevitable, but not until she’s added to the mode, along with everyone else from the base game.