Thrashball claim in the live

I cannot claim the Thrashball Locust Sniper after completing answering the polls and tweets! Help please

“Stay tuned to find out how to complete this quest”

It isn’t ready to claim yet.


The Syndrome Lancer, Gnasher and Snub that were available earlier in today’s stream, those are only selectable for the COG faction? Either there’s a bug, or I didn’t know there were certain skins that could only be equipped to 1 faction.

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Yeah, only COG.

Both factions used to be able to use them, but got switched to avoid confusion. Same goes for Swarm only using Midnight Omen now.

If you had them equipped prior (Syndrome on Swarm / Midnight Omen on COG), they remained until you manually took them off. Then you’re out of luck.

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Ah, ok, thanks for the info.