Thoughts on wanting old gow mechanics back for certain reasons

Now I don’t want to sound salty nor narrow minded. I’ve played every gears and I personally think the way the games have changed massive! From first being able to bounce properly in gears 2 to hyperbouncing in gears 4. I think the movement makes gears such a unique franchise, now I keep seeing some of the well respected veterans of the game complaining. Suggesting the game reverts back to old mechanics of that of gears 2 etc. Now I want to know everyone’s opinion because my opinion is that : the game has changed with time yes but it’s changed for the better. I love the part of being able to bounce and move sporadically, as opposed to just strafing in gow 2. Can you imagine gears nowadays with slow movement and still solely based on strafing shotguns battles? Boring. Now I’m young, but I’ve got enough experience to know that if you can’t adapt with the game then why should you make the people who can suffer? I definitely do not want the game to go back 10 years because the older generation can’t keep up. But I understand their frustration. I just think, don’t complain about movement and other manoeuvres. Learn all those manoeuvres. If you’re complaining about being up A’d and that people who do it should be punished then dont give them the chance to up A? There are many ways to counter it. The old gears was great but the new gears is better. I kinda strayed away to several points but ah well. I can talk about this stuff forever man I’d love to hear everyone’s opinions.



What are you on about with this “older generation can’t keep up” nonsense??
The best wallbouncers I know played the older games and are longtime Gears fans. Age or time served has nothing to do with how someone likes their movement.

I’m a big fan of the Gears 4 movement but I’m really discouraged that Gears 5 is looking to be mostly the same movement. I don’t want to play the same thing for 6 years. I wanted something fresher for #5. Hoping they have something surprising to reveal, though it’s looking doubtful.

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There is one way. Hold your shot and don’t be anywhere remotely near a corner.

Le mayo.

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Not necessarily aimed at all fan base just didn’t know what to title it. Yeah some of the best wall bouncers I know also played the old gears, but I’m talking about the people who are just stuck in gow 1 mindset if that makes sense?

I watch a lot of them and it makes sense for them to complain because they’re old school. Doesn’t take Einstein to watch someone like likebutter come against a competitive player. Or s player of higher calibration for that matter even if it’s a core player. Like I said I understand the frustration cos I’d want changed to be made but I dunno man I just think why not try to adapt?

And As far as gow 5 yeah man it will be good to have something fresh, I honestly don’t know what to expect.
Don’t like escape if I’m honest.

Let’s be clear I’m not firing shots at anyone just the topic itself makes me wanna talk about it. I grew up watching like utter and gold glove or iceman etc.

I think if there are any fits to be taken at the older Gears players(not sure if I can consider myself as one, as I only ever really played 2 and 3 Campaign in my early years of life when I first played 2 and 3, and only played 1 Campaign on Gears UE), it’s that they are opposed to more, fundamental, let’s say, changes, because they’re not Gears 1-3(or 4 as well, depending on who you ask).

Things like the artstyle no longer being near color-less, bland and boring to look at. I like how we now actually have rather colorful environments and the new story directions also seems quite interesting as it goes into the individual characters and their stories more(even if I have certain… reservations on the part concerning Kait). Though I’m not entirely certain visuals will be on par with what was shown on the original trailer, at least for Xbox(if they are in the end, though, great). Though so far I’m not seeing to many changes in terms of animations either(except for the fact that it seems like they have ported the female character animations that were in the Gears 4 Campaign over to Escape at least so that’s a plus… they look a lot more natural, excluding the “roadie run” which seems to be the same on all characters - mind you, I’ve yet only seen screenshots of Gears 5 Escape gameplay, so I don’t know exactly how everything looks).

I could’ve sworn I had something else on my mind that I wanted to say regarding the subject but it slipped my mind.

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I wasn’t around for any gears game except this one so my opinion probably isn’t important to a lot of people. But I personally LOVE the movement in this game. Back when I first started and only knew how to strafe, I’d get bodied all the time by people who just did a simple one-two slide and it didn’t make me mad at the game. It made me want to learn how to do what they were doing.

The movement and mechanics in this game are amazing IMO. It’s the connection issues that cause problems. I’m not a crazy wall bouncer at all but I do it moreso to evade than anything. Nothing fancy required, just knowing how to time it is all.

As a side note, I have heard from more than one that PC users for some unknown reason are more susceptible to being Up A’d than console (having nothing to do with the player).

I do think often times the Up A favors a certain player’s connection than another’s.


THIS. I want to see the series improve and flesh itself out. More animations. Maybe something that makes wall bouncing look more natural in a real world rather than an exploit (which it isn’t) more ways to transition into cover and stuff like that. Sadly, doesn’t look like we’re getting that.

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That wallbounce that people do on the ramp walls, the one that looks like the character is phasing. It’s pretty good to avoid Lancer fire but,it has to go, that ■■■■ doesn’t look right. It should be more like chess, you do this, you’re ■■■■■■ or you have the upper hand. Being able to phase away at will, to me, adds an extra ‘‘cowardice’’ factor to the game. Also, have you ever watched a long ■■■ 1v1 where both people don’t know how to bounce or aim? That ■■■■ also doesn’t look right.


I want them to return to the old, dark and militaristic atmosphere of Gears 1 and 2. Just finished Gears 2 yesterday again. Really miss that atmosphere and darkness.

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Hey! I’m looking for a way to time travel back to the end of the 60s early 70s for those sweet ■■■ muscle cars. Want to join me if I go back to 2006 afterwards? ■■■■■■’ move on brother.

They did add some new animation. Specially when wallbouncing, they added a new animation that I did show in a old post I don’t remember where though.

? Since when is a dark and gritty atmosphere and look contained to the year 2006? Strange, The newer Resident Evil games are pretty dark and gritty, new CoD seems dark and gritty, so was Battlefield 1.
This mentality of “Different = good” is so annyoing. What is outdated about a darker atmosphere?

Nearly forgot the Souls games. Those are dark as ■■■■. So, how is it outdated?

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Nothing, I’m just saying Gears is more on the Yin side now, It’s not developed by dark people anymore. It’s not developed by EPIC anymore. Even EPIC got tired of it as we can see.

Different = different but yes, it can be better.

Different = different but yes, it can be better.

Can be, must not be. Making something different just for the sake of it, is generally just a very weird attitutde.

Nothing, I’m just saying Gears is more on the Yin side now, It’s not developed by dark people anymore. It’s not developed by EPIC anymore. Even EPIC got tired of it as we can see.

Yin side? What are you talking about?
What is this even supposed to mean.
Epic only made Gears 3 lighter, because all the gaming “journalists” cried how everything is grey and brown (When Gears 2 in my opinion, was already quite colorful. Don´t know what these people expect, tons of pink flowers on the battlefield?) There is nothing wrong with more color or light, but Gears 4 looks outright cartoonish at times, though I believe that might have more to do with the character designs and some other designs, like the Overkill. (That gun looks like it belongs into Ghostbusters). Generally, I´m missing the dark atmosphere and the militaristic style of the first two games. It made sense to drop that in Gears 3, as that played in a post-apocalyptic setting, but generally, I´d be happy if they just made the games grittier and again and made them look dirty and run-down.

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No, that’s not the point. I meant different as in changing for the better. Better as in having a more popular game this time around.

I would prefer a more populated game. I don’t think going darker is the cure for Gears. Obviously, something else is wrong with the game. Gears 1 was like ONE of the only decent games out on the 360 at the time. So, I wonder why it was so popular. Gears 2 had the door wide open. Also, maybe they should be released on a yearly basis as well. The game seems to die off in the last year every time. I wonder if it has to do with people not giving a rats ■■■ about achievements lol.

It should be darker, I agree. We can all play together, again, a handful of gamers. Just like before.

And reduce the quality significantly? I’d rather not turn Gears into a yearly release thing like COD(unless they’ve changed that recently, in which case feel free to inform me of that). Which, ironically, doesn’t seem to have changed much more than the COD games I played in my childhood, and if it’s change you want, having yearly releases is definitely not the way to go.

I somewhat doubt people don’t care about the Gears 4 achievements. There’s at least a couple of people on the forums that have completed Gears 4 to 100% a couple of times, despite all the stupid, grindy and unnecessary rubbish added post launch(5000 kills in Versus, non-retroactive, in any Versus mode, granted, but still 5000 kills, or win 25 Competitive matches - like, if the point is to play Comp tuning or Versus why not just make it to play 25 matches to the end instead of having to win them, especially when a lot of people have played hundreds of matches beforehand… not to mention this achievement is a real pain in the backside for someone who probably is only half decent at Versus, only has Escalation or 2v2 Gnashers as options available and isn’t a total Gnasherhead, aka me).

I respect the patience of people who have bothered to get Gears 4 to 100% so many times over, but when I was near(or at, I don’t remember) 100% for the second time and they just added more grindy, pointless rubbish for the third time, and it not being things I’d unlock automatically, I just wasn’t bothered anymore. Then they added even more achievements a fourth time and I was just like… Seriously? More achievements for content most players will already have done over and over?

The only one that I so far actively bothered doing of the last batch of achievements was the Swarmak blister achievement for destroying each one with a different weapon on Insane or above because that at least posed a challenge by itself, and I knew I could do it having beaten the Swarmak on Insane solo without using the Memento Mori beforehand. I unlocked the executions achievement but that was something I’d have gotten anyway… but it took nearly, if not more than, a year to unlock being stuck at 94% when a random Swarm headpunch unlocked it when I’d done that execution many times before on Horde bots.

Also… having a more colorful world isn’t an unforgivable sin. Just because things look worn down doesn’t mean human eyes also suddenly see everything as if it was in bland, washed out, boring colors.

Really? Do you even comprehend your messages? A couple means the majority do not give a ■■■■ about achievements.

COD has 3 dev teams that work on a COD for 3 years each. Maybe Gears needs an other dev team, one that will re-create your precious Dark Gears. Why not, just to see if that’s the issue. Like, with Injustice and Mortal Kombat, one is brutal and the other is ■■■■■■ up.


Dom was the only one who was directly shown or implied to have depression. Well, maybe Marcus did after his death or when Anya died and he went hermit until the Swarm came around. I was probably depressed at some point in my life too but it didn’t turn the world into a place filled with bland colors.

Also, I didn’t claim everyone cared for achievements. But some people clearly do. But what you seemed to say was as if nobody cared for achievements. I may have misinterpreted it, however.

It did for me.

I have a thread going on right now about achievements, I know people love them.

I have no problems with the current mechanics but if I was going to change some things
Let’s stop calling it wall bouncing you’re not wall bouncing it’s more like you have hover shoes on your sliding you never even hit a wall and gears 1 and 2 you have to actually bounce off the walls or the cover there was a risk and reward if you missed it you got killed if you pulled it off you are godly the coalition dumb this down
An epic didn’t come up with this epic made a cover base system and The gamers invented the wall bouncing
Gears 2 the character movement was slower hence came the rolling it was faster to roll then it was to run so then came the rolling into the cover and bounce off the walls once again you actually had to hit the walls there was risk and reward if you missed it you got killed it took skill
Today they don’t hit the wall they just Spam A just a little history lesson
The lancer it’s a joke you can’t even get a one v one back in the day we all played execution and if somebody waved their shotgun both teams
stopped met in the middle of gridlock in between the cars and we had one v ones until the last man was standing I guess this goes to gamers morals those were the good old days
The Lancers way o p today it was used for covering fire back in the day now it’s used as a primary weapon
They took the skill out of the game made it so just anybody could do it not hard to wall slides when you don’t have to hit a wall
Not much skill to point a ancer and shoot
As for gamers morals blame society sorry for going on and on