Thoughts On Wakaatu

What are your guys thoughts on the Wakaatu in terms of lore and gameplay?

For me, I find the Wakaatu to be rather interesting–it being a deity to the people living on Weilehi. It’s also funny that everyone thought it was a Snapjaw.

As for gameplay, it’s rather easy to fight in the DLC campaign, but in Horde, it brings some variety. It’s so new and unique to the Bosses that I can’t help but to love it. However, I’m not 100% sure if it can damage Swarm and DeeBee’s, Maybe it can. One thing I will say is that the way it tunnels underground and pops up somewhere else makes it all the more challenging. And I like how often it’s the last enemy in the Boss Wave. Some bosses feel way to easy to kill. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing. It just depends on what class you’re using and your skill. But overall, I’d say the Wakaatu is a welcome edition to Gears.


I rather enjoy it as well. Nice change since it forces most players to rethink the way they fight most of the time.


Everyone? I didn’t think it was a Snapjaw purely based on size and that Snapjaws were also a creature on the mainland, rather than on a distant island. Though I get what you’re saying.

But yes, it is an interesting bit of lore and as a Seran creature.

I thought it’s more interesting to fight in the Campaign though, partly because the fight is purpose built around fighting off the Wakaatu and the venom glands don’t just come off as soon as almost anything that isn’t a peashooter hits them. Certainly not a bad Horde boss but also prone to BS like inaccurate audio cues for where it is going to pop up from and occasionally missing visual indicator where it will pop up from so you can avoid getting yeeted into oblivion.

Stupid Pigeon.

I’d rather Godzilla.


There will probably be a lot of fish skeletons around.

I like it, I just wish it wouldn’t break so often.
Lore wise, I really like the addition, the new DLC was actually a really good prequel for the Escape/Hivebusting part.


I think it’s a welcome addition, really helps to spice up horde mode.

Now if only TC would let us use our Locust/Lambent skins in PvE, I’d be one happy camper.

I saw a video of a wakawaka appearing from underground and obliterating a snatcher in horde.

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I’d say Dave is pretty cool

I love how when it takes damage it decides to burrow underground and never come back up.

It’s epic to have hours of play completely wasted because the game won’t let you kill the last enemy.

Especially when playing on Master and it’s wave 30/40/50. Those ones are extra special.


Happy that TC implemented this wakaatu from the dlc (hive busters) got my brain thinking again,where to hit and moving around marking her for others to be aware👍🏻

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The hell is a snapjaw?

I like it as a boss on lower levels but despise it as a boss on Master. It goes underground and regens all of its health too quickly. Then it surfaces directly under you for instant death.

A Seran bird creature featured in Ascendace, assuming you are actually seriously asking what it is. Definitely nowhere near Wakaatu sized, very territorial and I’m thinking it’s the equivalent of the Earth vulture.

I found the concept interesting especially the “fear” lore behind it. It’s nice to understand how they developed the venom for Escape and what it can do besides obviously killing you.

At least a new boss enemy for once. However pretty easy to defeat and not really a big threat if you stay on your toes a bit.

Sorry if there is already a discussion on that but I did not see a discussion on the best efficient way to fight this boss. Last daily on Regency (incon with randoms) it took 10mn with many DBNO I was a Lizzy and used 2 times my silverback cause I was not enough accurate with the drop shot. I think one or 2 randoms were afk and we were only 2 fighting it.
Except a demo class, who is the best placed to deal with the Wakatu (snipe the venom glands, stunning or freezing it with a Clayton …).
Thanks in advance for any tips

You pretty much just mentioned everything already. It has a bit of an annoying amount of health but I meant it isn’t really a huge threat.

Freezing it is the easiest way of course, other than that it’s just unloading magazine after magazine on it.

If it burries out of the ground, just stay behind it or far away enough. If it flies around it barely does any damage. The bubbles can just be destroyed by shooting at them before they blow up.

Weakspot is the feathers at the head but usually there isn’t much benefit from it.

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Thanks. I was not sure bc I did already face it on Nexus and with a good team this time, it was quicker to get rid off. Of course we had a demo and tactician.

As a buddy of mine said. It’s like the terminator of bosses.

“Asta la vesta Baby!”

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Looks like the Jabberwock

A major pain in the ■■■■ with Infiltrator on higher difficulties lol best chance that takes it out easier is when you’re able to predict when it’s coming out of the ground, and where so you can get into position to smack it’s green bubble with your gnasher

Ala I had one on Elite Forge one time that kept flying, then popping up by my fab trying to destroy it… Once I learned that pattern I knew exactly where to position myself by the fab lol