Thoughts on some of the cosmetic items

So I’ve been thinking about some of the more “useless” items we can get by playing and/or purchasing and how we can make them more useful and appealing.

Let’s start with the banners. At this moment, only MVPs are able showcase them at the end of every match. I don’t have the numbers, but I’m sure only a small portion of the community can pull off MVP on a regular basis. So how can TC make banners a bit more appealing.? Well one idea would be to show everyone from the winning team standing in front of their banners at the end of the match. If TC wants to prioritize MVPs, than they can at least pick the top 3-5 players in a match and show them at the end. That way banners will see more use and be more appealing to the player as an unlock or purchasable item.

Now for bloodsprays. As of now, no one, and I mean no one in the entire universe is stopping mid-match to try to look at their bloodspray after gibbing an opponent. So to remedy its “uselessness”, how about having the bloodspray you have equipped splatter on the screen of the opponent you have killed. That would make the item much more enticing to unlock/purchase.

I admit the idea of the bloodspray was “stolen” from another poster, but for the life of me I can’t find the post to give credit to that person. My bad bruh.

Anyways, thoughts or anyone with other interesting ideas?

Just show everybody’s banner behind their characters when they’re all standing together at the start of a match, for horde put tiny banners on the fabricator draped over the front and for Escape just throw them behind the player in the Helicopter. Everybody gets to use their banners people see them and they’re more desirable for everybody not just people who play versus since at the moment Horde and Escape players might as well not have banners at all.

I’m with you on the banners.

I also don’t understand why people are so religiously obsessed with the country flags, or get angry over Mexico having more flags/the pride flags in general. Is having a country flag really better than having one of the banners earned in game? Putting aside the issue of cost (which is justified as each flag probably took the designer less than 5 minutes), what other reason is there to get mad over flags, other than nationalism/ignorance/racism/homophobia? Especially since only the MVP’s banner is shown.

Some great ideas right there. Particularly like the Escape one. TC should take notes.

Agreed on the pricing. As of now, you can only get 500irons by grinding the living eff out ToD, which wouldn’t give you enough for a single banner. They should really re-evaluate that or let players earn a sliver of iron by simply playing the game.

I wonder if banners and bloodsprays were meant to be advertising space.
Why would I want a Forza logo in my game?

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They should go back to credits through gameplay.

Hmmm you may be onto something. I get the gears related bloodspray and I can kind of get the bloodspray related to Xbox/MS 1st party games but than you’ve got that Wasteland bloodspray which has nothing to do with gears/Xbox/MS.

The day I see John Deere or Pepsi splattered on my screen after getting gibbed will be the day I’ll retire from the franchise altogether lol.

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Flags behind players is a good idea.
I preferred our Gears 4 emblem. I thought we would get dynamic ones in 5, still likely we will I think.

I always like displaying a medal in 3 as well.
Sir Lancers a lot Onyx is my current on Gears 3, would be ideal for this game!

In addition to the suggestions in OP, what happened to the GOW4 “preview” version of the banner that would show up next to your name in matchmaking lobbies? Now there’s just a bunch of empty space there that could be filled with the banner design.