Thoughts on playable boomers for gow5 multiplayer?

Does anyone think the idea of boomers becoming a playable character for multiplayer in gow5 sounds cool at all? Yeah I get people will say oh they’re too fat and would look awkward but TC is honestly really good at scaling characters down and making them look right. I’d love to be a savage boomer or a mauler elite in multiplayer. I want to see more non playable characters added to the multiplayer in general though like boomers, karn, rager, cleaver theron etc. I feel like if they’re asked for enough we’ll get them but what do you guys think?

Could make a smaller variation and call it a “Baby Boomer”


Damn dude, we cant go around shooting babies. Im thinking maybe like a bulimia boomer.

I initially misread your post and thought you wrote Bulma Boomer (I am a massive DBZ fan).

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Thought about this before. Scions are supposed to be huge, as are Uzil and Raam too, so IDK why they couldn’t have Boomers in VS.

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Not for me. Plenty others need representing in 5 AND new characters :slight_smile:

Understandable, everyone has different opinions.

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It’d be something they really have to work on. It would require the Boomer being skinnier, but still have the aesthetic of him being fat.

Like Oscar lmao

Something like that.