Thoughts on Nexus Siege

We just completed an Inconceivable run on Nexus Siege. It took us a few tries as we got wiped a few times, but it was really fun. Kudos for creating this event! Really enjoying it.

Given the Locust health Regeneration I wonder if having a few more ammo crates scattered around might be something to consider. I was using my Veteran class and it seemed I really never had enough ammo in later waves.

The first two bosses Zarn and Jermad felt way too easy. Zarn stays back and after the rest of the Locust are wiped he’s really easy pickings. He doesn’t really put up much of a fight even. He just kind of sponges and stumbles around until he’s dead. Same with Jermad. Once you get up close to him he uses his Gnasher but he doesn’t seem to fire it much or kill anyone with it. He mostly stumbles while being shot until he gets killed. I feel like a boss should be a significant challenge for a squad. Raam on the other hand is a beast and is really dangerous when he’s got his sights on you.

I like the Health Regeneration poison for the Locust . It makes them a much more formidable enemy. If you don’t train your fire on them and put them away for good they are back to full health in no time.

This is a a really cool event and I hope it can be a permanent addition to the Horde Custom mode. I’d love to play this some more.


It is so much fun having the Locust back. Deebees and swarm are just too boring but this event… Oh man… I never had that much fun in horde since GoW 3.
The flame grenadier needs to be like in GoW2 and 3. Big and with a tank on the back to shoot. It is ok to make them tougher. Also Boomers and wretches but that is too much to ask for now. I hope they will bring back all Locusts and make a Gears of War Ultimate like Super Smash Bros Ultimate that brought back all the characters from all the other games. Just everything in 1 game.


Who’s Debis?

won’t even comment



DeeBees, Flame Grenadier lol

What’s Smash Ultimate?

Just being snotty lmao

I guess he wants something like Super Smash Bros

Super Smash Bros + Gears 5 =???

I’m lost.

You don’t wanna see Marcus take on Bowser or Ned??? you’re crazy

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Super Smash Bros Ultimate brought back all the older characters, maps and everything. I did not mean a crossover with Gears 5. I only mean that it would be a lot more fun to have all the locust enemys back from all the other GoW games.

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I’m with you there. I’d love to see all the old Locust . I loved Maulers. You’d hear their mace whistling in the distance as they approached.

I had a blast, better off playing with friends during the event. Combat Medic really shines too, Bolters and Flame Grenadiers are pretty scary in later waves. Seeing the Lambent and Locust go at each other is cathartic to watch.

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They import most of the maps with little to no changes to the new Gears games so why not have the AI and models from the Gears of War 4 prologue in the horde mode? I mean they already had everything in GoW 4… Locust Models from the PvP mode / Prologue, Boomer AI, animations, weapons (hammer of dawn only useable for 1 moment), wretches and so on. But they had to go with literal Bots.

But back to the event. What I do miss in it are experience points for the horde class. you play it just for fun and not for leveling up… which is meh…

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Has it been mentioned that Locust and Lambent fight each other in this event? It was very unexpected.
I laughed when I went down and Locust Drone started to beat me up only to have a Lambert drone with a scorcher to execute him.


That is indeed a really neat addition. It is even lore friendly at one point.
I thing the Lambert are exploding too quickly tho but thats still better than nothing


Yep. I remember in Gears of War3 Locust would fight Lambent. That was a nice addition indeed.

Havent tried the mode yet but sounds like missed opportunity. Should’ve given the bosses special powers that make sense for them. Example- Jermad immune to headshots, increased accuracy and fire rate and one shot kill with snipers.

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I have beaten it with multiple classes and for Ammo hungry Marksman they need to either make the Locust Snipers drop more Longshot Ammo or lower the timer even more on the Ammo Crates. Maybe Demo using the Good Kill card will get some action in horde for once.

The Bosses AI sometimes gets confused and just wonders back and forth I noticed Skorge doing this a lot but then other matches he will go on a rampage and wipe multiple squadmates.

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Yeah, it’s pretty fun when two Infiltrators don’t shred the bosses in 4 seconds or when your entire team isn’t completely gone before you even get to Wave 10 lol.

But yeah, I do think the AI could be improved a bit for Karn & Jermad, as well as other aspects for the other bosses.
Karn should retreat more often, rather than just stand there like an idiot and get absolutely pelted. I think Jermad is alright where he’s at, I think. Just needs to be a little more dangerous close range.

For the others, I would greatly appreciate if they took the time & went through the effort of modeling RAAM’s Troika & Skorge’s chainsaw staff as well as polishing up their combat before they fully release them into Horde (cuz you know that’s where this is going lol).
I mean, they’d function the same, for the most part.

But, I think RAAM should be able to punish close range builds, cuz you can all just run up to him and bully him lmao. His main weapon should be the Troika, but if you get too close he should do an instant execution the same way Cyclops/Palace Guards do with the chainsaws. For that, it’d be sick if he did both the “Gutted” one & the beheading one from RAAM’s Shadow at random.

For Skorge, his Chainsaw Staff would work the same as his Breaker Mace does, obviously. He would just run up & instant chainsaw you (or duel you if you have a Lancer). They should also make him a bit faster, I think.
It’d be gnarly if they also went the extra (extra) mile and made him do the Gears 2 thing where he shoots up into the sky to recover if he takes a ton of damage. But, I’m guessing that’d be probably be awful to try and program lol. Maybe they could just give him the Matriarch leap, where she jumps across the map when she takes heavy damage.

For Myrrah… I actually don’t know what they could do to make it more interesting besides just straight up giving her The Tempest lmao. Fighting her is super tough, but the whole fight is mainly just fighting off a hundred Palace Guards & then her pulling out a Boltok, It feels too similar to Karn on steroids lol.
If nothing else, at least give her some dialogue. I feel like the Queen would & should constantly be commanding & talking mess from across the map, but instead she’s pretty silent. They all are tbh.

Also, a bonus: they should totally add Sraak in, eventually. Give him his glaive from the comics, it should function similar to the Breaker Mace & the Retro. If he swings it & hits someone, they’re dunzo, they get cut in half. And if you’re in mid to close range, he should charge you.
So, yeah. I guess there’s MY thoughts on this whole thing lmao.

Edit: also, speaking of improving AI. The bots, PLEASE, those gotdamn bots lol. I’ve had enough of being stood over for a solid 5 seconds before being revived lol. Also them just wandering to the other side of the map for no reason & inevitably getting downed.


He actually does have this one.

I uhh… I found out first hand.

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I saw a lambent on top of a palace guard. I executed the lambent but then I realized that was a mistake when the Palace Guard started to get up and attack me. I was lucky to kill the guard and not get killed myself. No good deed goes unpunished.