Thoughts on Hivebusters DLC?

Did you try to restart the Game after finishing the DLC Campaign?

This post contains spoilers but really, if you don’t want them why reading this topic?

I loved the DLC, it was greatly worked out. There were good jokes in it, good story and the graphics were amazing. Some really unexpected but pleasant surprises. Like I would have never expected Keegan to kick Mac out of the Condor because he could and found it to be funny.
I’m really glad Scorpio got their well deserved DLC, I’ve always found it to be weird to have such an important introduction of characters in Gears 5, yet lacked any proper (in game) backstory. That makes more difficult to connect with the characters. Now we’ve got to see more of Mac, Lahni and Keegan’s personalities so that they can mean more to us. It’s also cool to have a new character (Hana) being introduced.
The Wakaatu’s a great boss. Really made awesomely, it looks stunning. I also like it that the Wakaatu didn’t get killed at the end, but could keep on being the ‘protector’ of Pahanu.
Check points were made far better than those in the Gears 4 and 5 campaigns. I’ll never forget how for example painfully annoying the museum scene is in Gears 4. Besides for the boat ride, you didn’t get heavily punished for dying by having to go through a huge sequence again. Please TC, keep doing this for future DLC’s and campaigns.
I’m also glad to see some new skins for Mac, Lahni and Keegan, they all look really great. Especially Lahni with her Brash Brigade armour. And I’m happy they’re not store items, but have to be unlocked by finishing the DLC.
I was wondering if there would be some story about the UIR as well, as they’re partly involved in the Southern Islands as well. They weren’t, and I’m actually glad about that. They’ve received a lot of attention in the main campaign and Tactics, and they’re worthy of their own DLC. This way, the story could focus on the Hivebusters and the Southern Islands. It was a good choice.
The DLC greatly adds to the story of Sera, getting to know other cultures and seeing different locations. I have to give credit to TC for working on this, especially in Gears 5.

Of course, the DLC isn’t perfect. Something that for example stood out was how abruptly Keegan’s opinion seemed to change when being so upset about it wasn’t a COG mission, After complaining to Mac so much, he suddenly changed his mind quickly about standing with him.
The DLC felt short, but that is of course why it’s a DLC. Still, some more could have been put into it. For example, some more time being spent in the Sanctum.
It was also an opportunity to reintroduce some characters, or at least explain their absence. With now Hoffman’s official introduction in Gears 5, it was for example an opportunity to do something with Bernie as well. But unfortunately, not even a sentence. Since she’s not with Hoffman we just have to assume she’s dead.
It felt a bit cheap that all villagers are dead. We’re being tantalised with a new people and a new language, yet we didn’t get to know how they look like and how the language sounds like.
The Wakaatu boss fight was great, yet short. We played on insane difficulty but still it wasn’t much of a challenge. I do expect it to be a lot more difficult in Horde, for example being immune to bleed out. Otherwise, I fear it can be killed way too easily.
Also boo to not including Hana as a playable character in multiplayer. I do expect to see her in the foreseeable future.

But in general, a job really well done. At least 85/100 for this DLC. I really hope TC will continue to make more DLC’s, preferably still during Gears 5’s runtime.

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Just completed it. I thought it was feckin ace. I now love Scorpio squad :ok_hand: Bravo to TC for this. Obviously they can do story dlc, please can we have some more :+1:


Another example of TC taking liberties with established lore and changing it because… reasons.

I don’t mind that TC have to write new things to try to explain the continuation of the franchise, but when they decide to change stuff cause they want to (and they are doing it more and more), like now saying some locust survived (even tho the countermeasure was designed to wipe all locust dna out… no “if’s and’s or but’s”)… that rubs me the wrong way. At least the drones and sires in the stasis tubes (or whatever they’re called) could’ve been waved away as “the countermeasure didn’t penetrate the tubes/fluid”… but just flat out saying “not all locust were killed/the cog and their lies bla bla bla” dumps all over the ending of gears 3, Adam fenix and all that other bs.

It’s also annoying (off topic but it relates to what I’m saying) how established things (like baird’s blonde hair) get changed to a light brown color. It’s not so much the color change that gets me, it’s the fact it was blonde for 4 straight games, then TC take over and decide to redo it in GOW:UE and everything after. There’s no reason to do that, but they decide 4 previous games don’t count and the color changes. Same happens to established lore.

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The biggest lol moment I had in the dlc was close to the beginning… and I feel like it’s not a change but it’s a “wtf are you actually saying” kind of thing… there’s a conversation happening and one of them actually say “the swarm are worse than the locust”… like, WHAT??? Did you even play any past games and read up on the lore? Do you even remember your own games?? Lol TC established the scions are locust and they’re “the ones running the show” in gears 4. The swarm are controlled by the locust, but the OG locust are nothing compared to the swarm? Who’s in charge? Who’s writing this stuff??

Oh yea, and this might just be me, but it feels like another story that seems like it centers around females being the more dominant and more central-to-the-story type figures than the guys. Stories can be told with everyone being equal… but I feel like TC just don’t want to do that. I felt like it was lahni’s story with mac & Keegan being there and coles daughter was the brains of the operation. Hoffman had to go rogue? Cole couldn’t even join us so we could see him with his daughter?

This is a long response, but I feel like I just played escape with some extra stuff added on that shows us going into and then leaving a hive. I feel like the comics told the stories already and while it looked good, it wasn’t necessary. I feel like the price and the setting was wrong. Also, if they can add that thing as a new boss into horde, why haven’t we STILL gotten different enemy types added… like all locust characters or even different swarm variants (the UIR grenadier, savage drone, etc)? Also, the custom settings like PvP skins and all those modifiers couldn’t of been added as well?

I feel like it was just a wasted opportunity. A lot of good looking scenery on top of unnecessary stuff. I would’ve rather gotten a story that ran side by side of the main campaign (JD, Fahz, etc and what they did during the time Kait and Del went off to mt. kadar) or maybe a swarm focused story that showed their point of view, like their motivations for doing what they do or playing as a scion rebuilding an army with the swarm & dealing with infighting… something different… not something that was more of the same and very predictable.

Anyway, I know some ppl will really like the dlc, but I think TC should’ve really taken a chance and done something big. They played it safe and gave us more of the same & im quite tired of hivebuster themed stuff. Let’s just hope it gets the “modifier” treatment that the main campaign got & we get to replay with custom skins and all that stuff at some point.

It wasn’t… Adam never said it would KILL the Locust, once. He knew it would affect and harm them, but not in what way, because he ran out of time to perfect it so it wouldn’t have such negative side effects. The only design that was intentional is the killing of Imulsion, something that would be negative to the Locust either due to higher presence of Imulsion infected cells in their body or due to the way they were created in the first place. You say no “ifs or buts or ands”, but by ignoring those you’re misrepresenting this particular subject matter.

Nothing else to say to it.


A solid DLC offering. I played it on the Series X and it looks beautiful and runs like a dream. Well done TC for that. A great looking game.

A few bugs have annoyed me, like the ultimate upgrades disappearing, enemies stood in place (particularly pouncers), and the lack of music (that held across the entire game and was only fixed by a game reboot).

I would’ve liked to see some new enemy variants as well. It seems like a bit of a missed opportunity in this regard. The Wakaatu is great, but other than that, there isnt much different in terms of fighting the enemies.

I will give a particular shout-out to the voice actors. I thought their performances were exceptional, especially for Scorpio squad and Hoffman.

But overall, it is a great DLC. A good story, great collectibles that tell their own stories, and with some additional skins for completing the DLC for me to use in MP. Good value, at least for me.



I wrote that kind of wrong. I meant to say lambent (but the locust were gonna suffer as well) but I was kind of all over the place writing that thought. Thx :+1:

I completed it. The majority of the dlc was walking with a few fire fights thrown in. Compared to a similar length campaign, Raam’s Shadow, it falls short.

Deeply enjoying it it has to be said, got some seriously hilarious dialog from notably Mac :rofl:

Very well done TC

Also, just to clarify (since you mentioned misrepresentation), Adam does state what’s happening to him is going to happen to all infected cells. He didn’t have enough time to make a countermeasure that would only attack the lambent, so he knew when he was dying that the locust would be affected as well, so really, he’s saying it’ll kill everything infected on a cellular level (and since the locust were created and aren’t immune like Myrrah, they were at risk the whole time).

I love it! The whole op5 has been great. I’m not focusing on the usual bugs and stuff but this is the most fun I’ve had in many, many months.


I thought it was amazing. I mean, a King Raven helicopter went 6 CHAPTERS without exploding into a ball of flame. Truly incredible. TC exceeded the expected. Next thing you know they’ll have normal COG Gears not spontaneously explode


After the buggy mess the original campaign was i won’t bother.

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You’re forgetting the Condor that was taken down by a Flock(which also leaves me questioning how and why they can slam through solid metal with little resistance), which also killed the pilot. Presumably, anyway, given the corpse we found hanging in the tree where I couldn’t tell how the pilot actually ended up getting killed in the end. And a whole damn Vulture that crashed on the island.

And they seem to make the pilot of that Raven out to be somewhat of a standout guy given that he also somehow managed to dodge and lose the Wakaatu.

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The other 4 are better. I’m counting Judgment not the 4th numbered installment. Say what you will, aside from the obvious stuff, Judgment had fan favorite characters. Nobody’s gonna beg for Kait, Del, and JD in 8 years from now.

Loved every single minute, the action, the gags, Mac’s dialogue and the bgm is the icing
vibes of delta squad, finally we get to do crazy stuff again (even if not yet at the same level as Marcus&co).

yes there’s still some flaws both technical and from writing standpoint
but I would love to see the game constantly getting side stories as this one as the expanded universe is cool but seeing everything alive in the main game surely it’s another experience

I think they’re trying to drive people towards the gamepass subscription.
I thought of buying the DLC immediately but then saw it would’ve been cheaper to get the pass and went with it

Did you read the comics? You didn’t recognize from the comic to know who that was? I won’t spoil it if you haven’t

I did, but the person I responded to didn’t seem to recognize him as the Raven pilot who keeps dropping into hot zones and doesn’t get shot down. I pretty much told the friend I was doing coop with the same thing when he was like “How did he even shake the Wakaatu?”.

Plus, with that custom drawing on the front of the heli it would be a damn shame if it went down.

Oh. yeah. I wish they’d had a sort of dogfighting sequence where you use the MG in the Ravens. There was the one on Rig in Judgment, but I want a campaign sequence where we fight from the crewbay of a King Raven chopper. The “boss fight” at the end of Gears 2 doesn’t count.