Thoughts on Hivebusters DLC?

They explain that Jinn is still pushing DeeBees as the solution. In Gears 5 we see she doesn’t want the Hammer of Dawn online, either. Hoffman hates Jinn and is basically just taking matter into his own hands. He’s old and has decided to put saving the planet with or without official COG approval. Though it’s possible once Jinn sees the success the initiative will be officially sanctioned. From Jinns perspective it’s probably some crazy cooked up scheme that’s takes up time and resources that need to be put elsewhere.



So why did Hoffman initially lie? And not just a small one. He went to great lengths to say if the mission was successful the team was all promised to get what they wanted (whatever that was) by the COG.

Edit: My initial reaction was they were trying to recreate the anvil gate scenario.

I kinda thought that would happen. Sort of a second chance for them.

Have you played the dlc?

Enjoyable, thought the ending was abrupt, and the ending montage was a bit choppy for me. No idea if it was fps issues, or what, but it felt like it was a movie being fastforwarded. Actually felt kinda barfy.

More Jinn bs. Man I hope she gets taken out of commission. She’s reallllly militarily incompetent and needs to get removed so we can have a REAL leader who knows wth they’re doing. Since Paul Dury is alive - as he’s Commander of the Onyx Guard, he’d get my nomination. I wouldn’t take kindly to my leader being a total wuss when it comes to my people’s defence. The COG didn’t survive for 80 something years by being run by yuppie “flower in the gun barrel” hippy types.


There’s a plethora of sliding scenes where all you really see are shades of red. Reminds me of Doom.

Never said it plays like Doom.

That’s on you.

Also never said it had heavy metal music.

Could be a number of reasons why Hoffman lied. Maybe he didn’t think the Hivebusters will go along with it seeing as they wanted to make a difference and if they died, for their deaths to mean something.

It could also be a way of protecting them if the operation was discovered by Jinn. The more insulated they were from the truth, the more they’d be protected from any potential consequences.

You must be referring to the lava tube scene where Scorpio are chasing after the Snatcher that took Hana and where loads of Drones and later on Scions mostly armed with explosives shoot at you. But how else would you have depicted that scene? It’s not like we were passing through a perfectly arranged landscape where it was easy to walk through with plenty of flowers and other wildlife to be found.

Absolutely beautiful, very fun and various.
The visuals are gorgeous!

Yep. It’s all red. And it reminds me of Doom.

Not sure I’d have depicted it any other way. The swarm pods starting in Gears 4 have led us down the red path. Imulsion always had that yellow glow. Guess I miss that.

I’m not a Doom hater. I actually own all the games.

I think you could have had more ledges and less sliding. It was cool, but a bit overdone.

Edit: Maybe if they are going to rewrite history and pretend the counter measure didn’t kill all infected with imulsion, we can also find those glowy rivers once more.

I doubt they’re going that far because there is (probably) no magical cure to Imulsion this time. Would it be so difficult to consider that not all Locust were at a sufficient stage of Imulsion infection that they were forced into a hibernation-like state by the countermeasure, while the parasite was wiped out in its entirety?

I have a theory the “goop” in pods, Pouncers and the like is some sort of Imulsion derivative - genetically identical but instead of being a parasite, it is controllable and can exist in a symbiotic relation with other lifeforms instead of causing random mutations and killing the host. But we don’t know enough about the Swarm and how they create the Pouncers, Carriers and Snatchers or how exactly the process of turning a human into a Juvie occurs. Or what exactly happens in the Imago nests. But if Adam ever found such a thing existed within Imulsion, it’s unlikely he sought to destroy it instead of only targeting the parasitic parts of it which left this pink-reddish stuff behind.

Might sound far fetched but seems like a possibility to me.


I didnt get my character skins any tips?

Like the theory.

Have you completed the entire DLC campaign? Are all chapters ticked off as completed? If so, have you tried turning your console on and off again?

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Or the Lambent organism evolved at the source (“the bulk of it exists underground like a mycelium [fungus]” - we haven’tbeen deep underground.) It follows a similar lifecycle to the stalk/vine and pod design the Lambent do. The Lambent are suspiciously absent from Gears 4 and there are no traces of the greyed remains of the stalks on the surface of Sera in game.

Despite going to Azura in Gears 5 - Same deal there. Swarm processing does seem to follow similar path. Perhaps Im reading into their absence too much and TC didn’t include them for whatever reason, but they were the driving force of the Locust incursions on the surface and a major part of the Gears 3 campaign. It may be that the stalk remnants would have decomposed eventually, as it has been 26.5 ish years…but strange

Let’s watch them drop that Hive as a suprise for Gearsmas tomorrow. One can always dream…

Also, for everyone else: there’s 2 ways to hide your spoilers.

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Yes i have and im on the last. Chapter thanks for the tips bro <3

I liked the DLC at least we have some info about scorpio squad and really liked the new boss. It challanges above elite difficulty in horde but weak against ice connon

My cell phone is not working with this forums properly, thats why I put spoiler alert.