Thoughts on Hivebusters DLC?

I thought it was pretty good, pretty good development for Lahni and enough for Mac (most of his stuff was covered in the comic) to understand his story. Keegan I would have liked a little more for, but what he got was still good

It was also very short, advertised as 3-4 hours but my inconceivable run barely went over 2 hours.

The collectables and Abilities were fun to find and use and from 2 playthroughs there is a decent amount of different dialogue (or optional I should say as I’m sure if I had waited long enough at certain points I would have heard them all)

Some spots and sections were also a little too slow and there wasn’t enough enemies to make it really feel like a fight at times.

SPOILERS AHEAD it wont let me blur for some reason

Also I found it interesting that TC decided to say that some Locust survived the Imulsion countermeasure, therefore some characters like Jermad could still possibly be alive, although unlikely cause of the teams sent out to dispose of them, but you never know

Overall a very fun DLC in my opinion, I’d probably give it like an 83/100


I enjoyed it. The mythology around the Wakaatu is a bit out of place. It felt like it was a totally different game if I’m honest.

But that aside I love that we finally got some proper introduction to the Hivebuster characters. Sure their characters and back stories were covered in the comics, books, the official beach towel and all that other expanded universe guff, but I’ve always prefered that these things are covered in the main universe, so to speak. Expanded universe while enjoyable for the more obsessive fans, feels a bit like cheating.

I’ll need to play it more and on other difficulties and on co-op etc, but it’s good. The cheesy montage during the ending made me laugh too! Where Hana was working on creating the venom and it was soundtracked by some soft rock. It felt very 80s. :sunglasses:


Too short for $20
There was a lot of downtime during some fights
But it was good though 8/10


Personally thought this was a whole helluva lot better than the base campaign. I’ve always found the hivebusters more interesting than the main cast, and that’s especially the case now.

I’ll 100% be replaying this A LOT lol.


I really enjoyed the Story but it’s too short.
Atleast we get a Lahni a Keegan and a Mac-Skin at the End.

I wan’t a whole Scorpio Squad spinoff.


Just arrived at chapter 4 before turning off for night/morning. I totally loved what I have played:
Using Keegan for this run. I have to say the star of the show is Mac though. Some great dialogue.
Very impressed.


It is still morning for me. I will try it after work. :slightly_smiling_face:
So… Would it be a great idea if TC abandones the K**t campaign in Gears 6 and the Hivebuster campaign becomes The Campaign!? :thinking:


No this is actually an idiotic idea.


Kait!? JD!? Del!? Who the ■■■■ are those crotons!? :roll_eyes:
Hivebusters all day, everyday! :sunglasses:

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I won’t argue with the man. This campaign was 100x more interesting than what we got with the launch campaign


I like them both and want them to all come together for the next game. Mac + Faz would be an interesting combo


I agree that this campaign was better than the main campaign, I also really liked in general seeing more of the world of Gears, the Wakaatu was a nice boss battle.

I always wanted to see more of these characters in videogames and I always felt that I liked Scorpio by just using them and what a surprise I like them a lot more than the cast for the main campaign :sweat_smile:.


Overall very little complaints to be heard from me but I would have preferred exploring the COG bunker more before running out and away from the toxic gases, as well as going back in to finish the job after dropping a gift for the Swarm we didn’t get on the first try. Its state is alluded to in collectibles but we can’t even see most of it, only the top most levels. Call it tying up loose ends, but it could have been even better ending on that note.

And I was initially a bit skeptical about it when TC said this was Scorpio’s first “suicide mission” in the DLC description as that was kind of what the Hivebuster comics seemed to be about, but none of that was really true as it was basically an entirely new story with more lore background.

If they made a mode revolving around the concept of going into the hive from outside of the burial site or wherever the Swarm hive is, that was on a similar level (of depth?) as going into and exploring various sections of the bunker which I’ma be honest looked and felt much more interesting than your bog standard Escape maps which have no environmental hazards but the venom gas, I’d definitely be buying into that even if it required more time to complete and would be a bit of effort to create individual maps for. But definitely seeing some potential there. They managed to make a lot out of already existing Escape hive tiles, and also creating some new map tiles with different layouts and visuals for it, at that.

Tried getting the point across while remaining as spoiler free as is possible.

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I really enjoyed the story, but this DLC and the Gears 4 and 5 main stories shows that TC can’t properly finish a story imo.

Warning slight spoilers can appear.

What I mean is there should be something that will clearly point what will happen next, as those campaigns are not the last games in story, and I felt like its defenitely over. 4 and 5 missed that thing, both ended like there won’t be anything interesting in next game, hivebusters has that thing made properly, but it would be nice to finish what we started in DLC.

Back to DLC, its too short to properly feel the power of upgrading ultimate abilities. Collectibles arent hidden so well, I missed only 2 on first run. But I really enjoyed story. What I could point out is that back stories of Lahni and Keegan are almost non-existant, and its too much focus on Macs story. I didnt read the comics, so I can’t relate how it was made there.

Overally, Hivebusters are the best Gears campaign made by TC so far.


Really all the characters went on and on about their backstories in my game. You have to wait at some points and let them talk.

It was great I loved it, I mean the characters, the lore, the waakaatu. Me who’s a Tiki Bartender, was perfect to be on those islands.

Well done TC

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the most impressive thing that I’ve noticed is that its extremely stable, only issues I saw in 1 playthrough was cinematics causing framerate drops, aside from that bug free. May not sound too impressive but compare that to actual Campaign and its a cut above that in my opinion.

What it means for the franchise:

  1. Locust are 100% going to either be in Gears 5 or 6 down the line, the whole backstory of the Brash Brigade (whatever they’re called) pretty much tells you that not all Locust were killed off, so their is definitely going to be some survivors (probably nomads in a way) show up in the future.

  2. Wouldn’t be surprised if we see a Lahni/BB DLC either, TC already have most of the Locust work done if you think about it, main issue with bringing back locust is weapons, regardless though only DLC that I could see them still doing for Gears 5 is that but there is a good chance they won’t do it til Gears 6.

  3. Expect to see more of Hana Cole in particular going forward, too much potential for her as a character, I suspect Hivebuster crew will help aid Kait for when she goes into Reyna’s hive in Gears 6, I doubt it will be unrelated.

  4. Curious if gameplay loop is hinted at with this DLC. Like maybe Gears 6 will go Monster Hunter and the game will be open world (even moreso than 5) and you can track down/kill indigenous monsters to help you kill Swarm/Locust/whatever the hell they throw at you.


I heard most of the dialogs, unless you wait in place and do nothing just to wait for additional dialog lines.

Mild spoilers ahead

I just quickly compared the quantity and quality of info about scorpio squad and the my conclusion is TC mainly focused on presenting Mac story and pain hidden behind mask of confident person. Thats what I firstly saw. I think there are many hints about Keegan and Lahni, but its still less than hints about Mac.

Thoroughly enjoyed this dlc,Highly recommend it.Once you’ve finished playing this dlc to the end,Watch the credits til the end ,You then get the three characters free,Thank you TC

I’m not sure exactly how to rate the campaign dlc.

Warning: Spoilers

It’s Gears so that’s a good start. It’s beautiful. More reminiscent of Tomb Raider than past Gears games. The game is slow at times. Lots of sliding down hill scenes. Kind of looks like a Doom game at times.

Definitely has throw back nods. Turning wheels, shooting columns, riding boats, etc all bring back memories.

I’ve only finished it once, so I was lost at why the hive busting isn’t sanctioned by the COG. And why would Hoffman lie about it. Didn’t seem to fit with the story. Except that all the characters except Cole seem to be from the island of misfit toys. They all have haunted pasts.

I could see a standalone game with these guys. Boss fit with the island, but obviously to me doesn’t mesh real well with the Gears universe. Oh well, the thunder chicken is part of it now.

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