Thoughts on having a gears announcer in game

So this was just a random thought. I was wondering if anyone would like to have an announcer like in Halo say “killing spree”, “double kill” when you get two or more kills etc. in gears of war. I believe it will make people feel more rewarded when they eliminate a whole squad or multiple people in the game. Do you understand what I’m trying to say? If so, what are your thoughts? Should we push tc to do this or will this never happen


I’d rather not. That can stay in Halo.


We have ribbons popping up mid-game, that makes me feel special enough. There’s no need for announcers.

All u would hear is “spongy f####r killed again”

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If they ever did decide to do that, they should at least do it tastefully, by only doing it on maps that make sense.

Allfathers Arena, Thrashball, Checkout(supermarket microphone announcements would be dope), or any map that has a human infrastructure still in decent shape.

I feel like there should have been a huge screen in All Allfathers showing the action going on. Aren’t there cameras sliding around the top anyways?


If they were delivered by Sam and Myrrah,then absolutely yes :grinning::+1:

I Wish this was a thing.
Just , you know , optional.
Coming with an on/off switch.
I can see why this might not be for everybody.

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Only if we can get someone like the Unreal Tournament announcer.

Maybe just add some additional lines for the characters so they call out their own multi-kills more often? That’s another idea


I love the deep voice in Cold War Zombies.

Double Kill.


Max ammo.

It works.


Yes, there should be two big TV’s on opposite sides of the map. Cameras relay the video to the TV.

The cameras are being wasted on this map.

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Only thing I wanna hear is

Boom, headshot

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To me, it doesn’t seem like it would fit in gears.

But then again, that hasn’t stopped them from adding wrestlers and terminators.