Thoughts on GoW5 from someone who hasn't played since 2013

Bit of backstory, I played Gow from mid 2008 to 2013, I primarily played gb with and against most of the best players in the game. After the release of Gow:Judgment I quit, sold my xbox, accounts, all of it, I even deleted my twitter to put the stamp on everything. I never touched another game until about a week ago.

Recently, I decided I wanted to play video games again so I bought an xbox, cap, monitor and the newest iteration of the only video game I’ve ever enjoyed playing, and uh yeah, I got some questions guys.

So originally I was going to post this on the gamebattles forums, but they’re gone. Then I was going to post on, but that’s also gone. Why is everything gone? I tried to check what teams currently play gb — it’s not even on the website, what happened? Do people even play this game competitively anymore? Where do you go for that, haha what do you even do?

On the gameplay — I’ve had the game for about a week. In that time I’ve gotten masters in TDM&FFA, so I feel like I’ve played enough to have an opinion.

This is such a weird interpretation of a Gears of War game. The shotgun has essentially no range whatsoever, a lot of the presumably better players I would play against don’t even bother shooting unless it’s for a one shot most of the time. Everyone mostly just bounces around trying to get into position for a one shot kill, or they do the complete opposite and walk/stand completely still mid fight, it’s really jarring and weird to see. Adding to that, people come out of runs&rolls so fast, and everyone Up-As, Back-As, Rxn shots and goes for the wanted shot constantly — even bad players do this. Even bad players kind of know how to bounce now, it’s so weird. The inability to fight and hardaim at range is the most confusing to me, an entire aspect of the game has been removed, replaced with nothing and now everyone is just bouncing and going for one shots? Am I missing something? It feels like the game is incomplete.

I’m accustomed to people just flying at me on sight because I’m a girl, obviously they can see my gamertag so some of that is to be expected. But it feels like everybody does that now to everyone, even if it doesn’t make any sense to do it, even if I have them on nemesis, even if they’re 3-10, even if I have right hand — they just never stop pushing me on sight. Gears of War used to be all about making smart, safe, calculated plays and now that’s seemingly all gone and replaced with running at each other hoping to one-shot someone before they one-shot you. I also think it’s really weird that there doesn’t seem to be one shot downs, but every fight feels like its in that range haha. I don’t understand how there could be such a gigantic shift, the gameplay doesn’t even resemble anything like I remember. AND EVERYONE HIDES ALL THE TIME. I MEAN EVERYBODY HIDES, WHY IS EVERYONE HIDING?

Another thing, it’s really weird to me why power weapons seem so much better now. Bow is so easy to use, so is snipe and embar. I was never very good with power weapons, and I haven’t played in like 7 years yet I’m somehow better with them now than I ever was before, even when I was 16 and playing 12 hours a day.

So um, right, I’ve played a lot of ranked lately and it’s uhh I don’t understand this either lol.

Why are there only four playlists? And why is there no execution? King of the Hill is kind of just a joke gamemode, as is TDM but to a lesser extent, why are they the only two modes? Where are the leaderboards? What am I even playing ranked for if not for the leaderboards&stats? After like 35 matches of TDM I was in masters, FFA I placed 1st in all but three matches until masters like, it was 2 sessions and it was over haha, WHAT DO I DO NOW!?

In gow2&3 you had like quickmatch leaderboards so you could chill, watch youtube and still be working for/towards something — you had ranked if you were trying to really go for stats and flex with your full team, but there’s none of that here? What are we meant to do?

All the modes should have leaderboards with K/D, W/L, Rounds played etc — all the stuff we had in Gow3 and more, because it’s like 9 years later we should have more stats, not less stats.

The best way I could describe this game is desolate, everything here just seems lifeless.

The actual matchmaking as well, this is my second biggest complaint behind the gameplay because it’s ridiculous. I had the foresight to record all my matches so I have proof of this — but every single game I played from bronze to master my teammates were always terrible.

My teammates were always significantly worse than the other team, at times I would get more kills than all of them combined in order to squeek out a win — is it this bad for everyone else? Why is it like this, why isn’t it fair? This isn’t one game, four games, not half my games or even most of my games — it was 100% of the matches I played, it was all of them. It starts off as annoying, becomes absolutely infuriating and then just becomes depressing. What is even going on? Why is this happening to me? AND WHY THE HELL IS THERE STILL SPAWN SHIELD?

Oh and why is it eliminations instead of kills? These scoreboards would look even more absurd if my teammates weren’t shooting one lancer bullet across the map at my downs.

It’s such an awful, boring, repetitive, monotonous experience — find a match; two options — do everything or lose. There’s no room for playing smart or as a team, no, no, none of that. You’re basically in a race against time to outslay the other team. It doesn’t feel rewarding to win even if you’ve just done 3x better than everyone else in the lobby because you have to do that again, and again, and again, and again in every lobby you ever play in, otherwise you lose.

I like the idea of Free for All, but I don’t actually like playing it haha. You just kind of spawn, find wherever the big on the map is, jump into and try to be the player who gets the best flank. Pretty much all your kills and deaths are just from flanking and dying to flanks, at some point you don’t even feel like you’re playing the game anymore. The most depressing part of this isn’t even that you don’t get to fight people, it’s those 1 or 2 times per match where you have the opportunity to fight another player, and then you die while fighting them. Eventually you just start running away from fights because you don’t even want to be in fights, you want to be flanking people who are.

I get a remarkable amount of quins in FFA though, so that’s fun — but by far the biggest complaint is WHY IS THERE DOWNING IN FFA? Obviously you have to get kills quickly, and you don’t spawn with a lancer or pistol and you can’t meatshield people, and everyone is already playing to kill you in one shot both because that just seems to be how you play the game, and because if you spend more than 5 seconds on a fight you’re just going to die even if you win it. SO WHY ARE THERE DOWNS? It makes no sense whatsoever.

I feel like I’m seriously missing something, because after a week I’m masters in 2/4 playlists, I’ll probably do the other two this week and then what? What about after that? Is this all there is?

It would be great to have leaderboards, or, something to do after you get masters.

And why is everybody speaking spanish to me!? I swear every lobby almost every player speaks Spanish.

And why is the store glitchy? I tried to buy some pack because it had cherry blossom skins, and it gave me some weird error, took my payment never gave me the skins haha. That’s only the reason I even found this forum, I was looking for support.


welcome to the forums! where 50% of our issues (on a good day) are addressed. as for alot of your issues that you stated well its gears 5 now. the game is about to be in the 2 year cycle and TC had just released the tuning that they stated is the permanent tuning for 5. (its horrendous) but it is what it is. If you had played 5 during the beginning of op 5, gears 5 was at its best.

KOTH and TDM are the most popular game modes thats why, nobody cares for exe anymore. I always preferred it over warzone but I like dodgeball more. ranked sucks now for me, i played primarily for guardian but thats gone so ranked is meh.

You lost me after “The shotgun has no range” The GIB range is the biggest and most ridiculous in Gears history. And has range like a lancer. You sure you were playing Gears 5? lol


@TC_Clown your smurf-account? Did you get in touch with your inner girl?


Hi, um, I’m not sure what you’re talking about haha the gib range isn’t really an issue I have. It just feels normal, when I’m talking about range I mean like, Hardaim and three shot down someone from like 10 meters or something haha.

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Am I wrong or leaderboards actually exist in 5?
If you press start in the main menu and you go in “Stats” section you will find all the leaderboards and basic stats, for campaign, versus, horde and escape.
There’s the time played for each mode, victories, kills, K/D, accuracy etc…

its like gears 2 in 5 now. hardaim is the way to go for most as well as botwalking.

I never found k/d and w/l for specific modes which is what I was looking for. I remember we used to have things like ‘points per round’ and ‘points per match’ in specific gametypes. Maybe I’m just dull and couldn’t find those, but I really looked hard.

Also, the timeplayed one is bugged because it says ive never played tdm.

I dont think its global, i think its between your friends and you pretty much compete with your friends in K/D, accuracy, etc.

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You used to be able to go on and look at specific stats for each weapon for any player. You could see shotgun kills/deaths while holding, active reload attempts, accuracy and more.

I think it was a thing in 4, I used to have my stats page saved too but they took it down. someone in the thread correct me if im wrong but im certain we had some decent stats in 4.

personally I never cared for the stats page, i used to look when i got bored. I cared more about my K/D back in 4 but now 5 has rubbed me the wrong way :confused:

Oh I got it.
Well, it’s fine to me since I prefer looking to my personal stats rather than other people’s “skills”.

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Players just go for the two-shot downs since that’s possible now. I still get surprised when I get full red from like 10 steps away.

You last played when EPIC targeted teens-mature adults, TC wants less gore and younger niche to play the game hence less profanity, less blood, removing competitive modes, etc.

I can understand if it’s a lot to adjust for you since you’ve been gone, but I’ve played every game since '06, now I play about 2 days a week if possible so I’ve been able to adapt

For leaderboards, go to STATS-RANKED-Click on the game mode-and press Y to find yourself in global

same, I play mainly for fun at this point, my stupid fantasies of becoming an esports player are in the past lmao

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Players just go for the two-shot downs since that’s possible now. I still get surprised when I get full red from like 10 steps away.

I mean the two shot range almost feels fine I guess, it’s still not far enough away for me lol. But yeah this game feels like it’s lost a lot of, uh, it’s soul I guess?

I did that by the way! I can’t even see my win/loss!

thats actually good surprising most people want nothing to do with 5 lol

Im not even sure if 5 had a soul lol. I know 4 did, but after op 5s tuning…

I played Gow from mid 2008 to 2013, I primarily played gb with and against most of the best players in the game.

Did you now. Gt?

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I like to imagine you saw the post and frantically clicked lol

lmao why