Thoughts on Gears 5 Versus

I was letting this stew for a bit before typing it. Cooking up a Horde Mode thread soon and I have a LOT to cover on that one. I feel like there are a lot of throwaway threads and circlejerks so I wanted to try and give compliments and constructive criticism.

+Postive, ~Mixed, - Negative

+ Core Gameplay:
Feels better and better with each game.

+ Arcade Mode:
Arcade Mode is plenty fun with a little hero shooter gimmick that fits with Gears.

+ Escalation:
Escalation is a lot more dynamic with the disabling option and the elimination win method. It’s like you took notes from Battlefield’s Conquest mode and fit it nicely for Gears.

~ Gnasher:
Gnasher tuning and spread are fine overall, although it can feel a bit inconsistent in terms of range during Gnasher Duels, especially when somehow downing/getting downed from around a corner. Sometimes it feels as though some pellets should have been deflected by cover, I dunno if it’s a latency issue or not though.

~ New Maps are Nice, but…:
Some maps seem like they were made with only control point game modes in mind (like Bunker, where there’s one place with the best height advantage that’s hard to retake and slows deathmatch modes to a crawl)

- Very Limited Map Rotation:
Why are the legacy maps unplayable in Arcade and Ranked?

- Breaker Mace:
Breaker Mace is a problem, I feel that it needs a nerf to its RT (Primary Fire) attack. Hitting under cover is fine, it’s like the Digger, however…
Mace Problem #1: Pressing RT can kill an opponent when they’re BEHIND the Mace attacker; You can backpack an opponent with the Mace. That doesn’t really incentivize smart play in CQC, it just tells the player to “hit RT” to win.
Mace Problem #2: Pressing Melee and homing in on a target with the Mace feels excessive, as it already should have a bigger swing range as opposed to the knife.
I don’t want the Cleaver back or anything, but keeping the fatal blast zone in front of the swinger and a slight damage zone around them (no stagger) would feel like a fair nerf in my opinion.

- Progression:
Luck-based medals need to be removed from the Tour of Duty. Winning matches can be a medal, but having a medal for whether or not you’re a specific character/faction is just luck-based and demoralizing for an already steep grind. At the very least, allow the players to be Spawn in Co-Op vs. AI mode to soften the blow.

- Quitters:
Huge issue with Ranked Versus right now.
I’m glad you can still see who quit the match in the scoreboards so that everyone knows who to report, along with the matchmaking penalties.
Perhaps there could be incentives for those who consistently play games to the end, especially those with quitting teammates?
I realize this is an issue that devs can only do so much for, Blizzard tried handling this and it’s a such a hard thing to tackle. I feel like a compensation supply drop would be nice.
And if someone tried exploiting this with a friend, you could penalize the squad that brought the quitter so that way they would think twice about exploiting free supply drops,
Harsh penalties for quitters and enablers, and rewards for those who play to the end. Sounds like a win to me.

What do you guys think? Hope this formatting is clear-ish.

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