Thoughts on escape master difficulty Tod medals?

Hello all,
I realised today that I only have 2 Tour of Duty medals left to do, the medals for completing hives on master difficulty. Upon realising these were the only challenges I had left, I have put a bit of time into getting to grips with this difficulty. All I can say is ‘wow’. These challenges are by far the hardest that the tour has to offer and honestly I don’t see myself completing them at all. I only ever solo queue escape and I am yet to have even a half decent run at any of these.

I wanted to know what people’s opinions on these medals are, as for those of us without reliable teammates and good coordination, these medals just don’t seem doable (at least to me).

I see people get annoyed every time that TC medells with the medals (haha), so would you be in favour of these getting changed to something closer to the calibre of the other medals, or should they stay as they are. Obviously it would be super annoying for those who have been grinding towards the medals thus far, so it would be a problematic change in that regard. On the other hand, I think the medals do exclude people who don’t have a 3 man team and therefore make the reward borderline impossible for some of us to obtain. I guess I’m biased as I’m in that group :joy:

How are you all finding these challenges and what are your opinions. Maybe I have just had really bad luck, or I suck.


Master requires a perfect group, maybe nerf the difficulty and lock character levels per difficulty

Yeah, those are the only two I need as well. Don’t think I’m going to do them. Lucky for us the reward for completing that tab isn’t that great, and I hope those challenges get changed next Operation.


I have gotten some progress for both - one is finished and the weekly hive Master medal is at 4/10(haven’t gotten to try Master Venom Run yet). In all honesty, I think the weekly hive Master requirement is silly, having to beat every single one of them on Master. It’s just drawn out instead of letting you complete it at this point in time just like any other Tour medal. And it’s an extreme amount of effort for a finger pointing emote.

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Someone with all skills fully aware of every inch of the map can master a hive alone, but that is exceptional. Average Joe’s need a full team of decent players to complete Master.

Maybe post in the LFG. I am sure that some else that is not in the forums is having the same Issue.

I noticed from as soon as I saw them that the master escape ToD medals were unrealistic and not something worth going for. It wouldn’t be as bad if you just went back to the beginning when you fail. No though, that is too fun for the players, instead they boot you all the way back to the lobby to force you to wait through long loading screens again and again.

All this because they intended for people not to memorize spawns and eventually make it through. Was it not possible to swap spawns of enemies without going through the long loads? Too much work for them? Who knows, all that matters is that master escape is significantly less fun than it could have been because of this this intention.

If the goal was to make people not memorize the spawns, they missed that goal post by a long stretch. It’s really not difficult to remember which enemies spawn when and where in these hives. Though it adds some random element to it depending on which spawns you get… but I agree that we should just be allowed to restart with a random set of spawns. Horde switches waves if you fail in a matter of seconds without reloading everything(with Survivor off), so why can’t Escape?

Yeah, if i remember correctly that was the reason they gave during Q&A in one of their live-streams. It was really an unsatisfying answer.

I haven’t done escape much but i have been doing more of it. I’ve only done advanced tops. I’m treating it the same as horde. Custom lobbies are where it’s at. Randoms just out right suck. They take all the ammo, they run for on their own, get killed then get mad at you for not reviving them when your a mile away.

Yeah this is a real issue and for me is the biggest fun killing factor in doing the hives on master difficulty. Its like they punish you for challenging yourself. Hopefully this will be removed, as I don’t think anyone is happy with waiting 5 minutes between attempts.

I look at the times on the leaderboards and see like 25 to 30 mins. When on my low difficulty it takes me like 5 mins. I cant help but wonder how difficult masters is when it takes people that long.

As someone with 98% Medals progress, 5/10 progress for Challenge Hive Master. I’ve done and completed Master on every single Escape Map released. I have every Escape character at Level 18 and their cards at Level 5. All except Grace and COG Gear.

Once you max characters or get high levels for them, Master becomes much easier. Or some Hives can be done with a single high level. Hive, Mines, Surge and Wanderer are so easy on Master now.

At the moment, it seems tolerable and beatable. The reason that Medal exists is because it’s TC’s way of promoting and encouraging Escape players to beat all their Weekly Hive Maps on Master. Otherwise, what’s the point and who would play Master?

There do are reasons. Guaranteeing a 1% placement on the leaderboard, for example. I didn’t play The Hive ever since beating it on Master the first time but always remained at top 1% of the leaderboard.

Or, for the harder hives like The Descent or The Hunters, people do it for challenge.

Master difficulty is ridiculously hard. I’ve been at it for about 4 weeks and only managed to beat 2 maps on master. It should not be this difficult. It makes me sick.

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We need to be friends. Lol

He won’t disappoint you if you do most things PvE together.

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There’s a few of us on here that 5/10 or 4/10. The reward isnt that great. Play the map on easy levels, feel it out, go into master. If they’re not 16 or above, running weird characters that you know aren’t gonna contribute anything, back right out of that lobby. Rinse, repeat. The venom one was extremely time consuming.

Just alot of rng luck, and flash bangs at the right time. Memorizing spawn placement helps alot on masters too. I do it with randos every week, one of the dudes I always seem to do it with I’ve gotten 3 or 4 with him/her. They’re always emile too, and I always seem to be mac. You’ll see those people the more you do master runs. Hit them up.

I think these medals are out of place, personally. Especially with the recent nerf to Power Hoarder, there aren’t any medals even close to as time consuming as the Master Hive ones. Time consuming to actually do them and even more time consuming to level your character(s) up high enough to have any reasonable chance of doing them.

Not to mention from a sheer difficulty standpoint. I don’t understand the logic in having you master Hives but not having any medals to master Horde or master Versus. Like either make all 3 of the multiplayer categories have super hard medals or don’t make any of them imo.

Again, just seems very out of place to have these two medals be actually difficult, where as everything else in the ToD is just time consuming.

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I have been watching a guy on YouTube do master runs alone on escape. He makes it looks so easy,but it’s not for sure.