Thoughts on Desert Lizzie?

Seems not very well received on Reddit, curious about other opinions.

The goggles look weird… I think it’s because the lens are too small. The rest of the design looks okay, but not amazing.


Yeah I saw someone compare her to Filthy Frank and gotta say it’s not far off download~2


Looks neat. I like the shemagh. Wish the body armor was a bit more different though.

No point in making new skins for a new character who got introduced and killed off right away

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Someone said she looks like filthy frank and now I can’t unsee it lol




@AmicableWall421 a Lizzy skin!!!

But is this real or made up?


she lasted more than Lizzie :wink:

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A. If real, and I have been told there’s a thing on Reddit you can find even before this thread appeared, it’s trash. Pretty much the case with every skin for Lizzie so far except for the CS which is somewhat average and just a recolor anyway.

B. TC needs to stop putting dumb looking masks on just because “can’t show the face”. Just go with the freaking helmet.


I still like the original the best out of all that I’ve seen.

I would like a BS one (not a fan os the CS look, didnt get it)…

pretty cool, wish they’d change her headgear though. Maybe something like this


Lizzie was older than Valera :wink:

At this point I’m not expecting them to get that these skins aren’t really very good looking when they go “creative” with the face coverings that end up looking stupid more often than not. I still usually see the most used Lizzie being the original one, and more rarely the CS.

And I’m gonna bet that as soon as anyone from TC catches wind of this thread it’s going to be gone faster than Thor can call down lightning.

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Valera is around my age I think, so it works out :wink:

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Dig it, and hope to see more skins for Lizzie ingame.
The colour of the armour should be sand coloured instead of blue though.
Like the cap version best out of the ones posted here.

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Ghost is that you?

The weldwer’s mask one is just so completely stupid to my eyes, i dont get how they should it was a good idea.

But i think it fits their general line of thinking: the more grindy and annoying sometjing is the more “skillful” they think it makes it.

The more unusual or exotic/different a character skin is, the better they think it is.

They simply dont GET the game or the people playing it.

They are throwing darts onto a board, hoping by accident they hit something the players will like…

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Too bad shes 6 feet under :sunglasses:

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