Thoughts on Campaign cheaters?

A few days ago, I ran into a “special” Xbox-One-X player.
He firmly defended a player, who bypassed EAC, used game trainer(infinite ammo, invincible and etc.) to beat Inconceivable Campaign. After that, the cheater showed off its achievement and deemed itself “capable and wise”.

So what do you think of the Campaign cheaters?
Although it is commonly agreed that there’s 0 tolerance for PVP cheaters, some players are very “lenient” with cheating in Campaign.

(I’ve seen several players arguing “It won’t affect other players’ experience” after devaluing the achievements on Xbox Live by using game hacks.)

By the way, Halo: Master Chief Collection has an “anti-cheat-disabled” mode. In this mode players can cheat all they want, but they can’t unlock any achievements.

I literally do not care if someone cheats in a singleplayer game. Do whatever makes you happy honestly. Far as achievements I guess there should be some kind of enforcement if the game actively prevents you from doing so.

Also pretty sure you shouldn’t be bringing that kind of drama here. That’s between the 4 of you, not really our business.


As an avid achievement hunter, I don’t really care.

I did inconceivable difficulty legitly, but there are loads of people who just sign in a second controller on casual difficulty and walk themselves through inconceivable. You could argue that’s cheating as well, but there’s not much you can do.


This pretty much sums up my views on a lot of these arguments/discussions.

Take someone beating a hive on master for example, I have carried people who could barely hold a controller, died at the start of each act, and they have gotten the achievement, whereas some players have been able to do it solo. Both get the same tick but the skill and ability is vastly different.

Some users pay people to help them with the tour or get friends to play on their accounts to beat things they can’t. My initial view on this was that a player should be on their own account but like with the escape scenario above, there are plenty of players being carried through content anyway. I now only really find it odd when someone pays to get carried and them is dishonest and brags about it.

Taking a middle viewpoints, some players can beat achievements after 100’s of tries with low level characters, abilities, other people level up characters and cards to make it easier, some wait til glitches or guides come out and follow those rather than learning from friends or working it out on their own.

I know the OP is talking about people using cheats and then bragging about it though, which in my mind is for the lack of a better term, a sad panda of a person.


I did Gears 4 Inconceivable legitimately but Jack did Gears 5 for me, which was cool. :grin:


I was thinking of mentioning how easy the new game plus with Jack abilities on a fast cooldown makes easy work on playing on high difficulties solo.

Easy when you can flash freeze everything, make yourself invisible and keep shooting, give yourself overshield etc.

After doing Hardcore Ironman solo like that it felt like i was playing with cheats enabled.


It certainly did :joy:. It felt cheap and I’d have rather done it legitimately for the satisfaction but I won’t lie, you know my time constraints so I was very happy to take the shortcut!

I had 4 mutators on, but even I used those 4 "extremely strong’ “cheats”, I still needed to play at least 5~7 hours to complete the campaign.

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Is that mean we can kill Reyna and save both JD and Del!? :pleading_face:

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Who ? Privately send me a message if I’m really a friend of them, but I don’t care if they use cheat for non-PvE and non-PvP thing.

I don’t think people do harm in campaign using cheats or whatever. They use cheat for that campaign because they know the difficulty of inconceivable is ridiculous. 2~3 shots and you suddenly die

What I mean is if they do no harm to any co-op things, it’s “fine” to let them enjoy the cheats. The achievement itself depends on what their meaning to. Some people are for faster completion, some people do seem to be a challenge, some people don’t care any achievement.

If there was arcade scoring and leaderboards for campaign on Gears 5 like there was on Gears 3 then it would bother me a bit if they took a top score by cheating but that isn’t the case.
Achievements have never really mattered to me and i rarely play games with the intention of going for them.

…Except they actually do.

In Halo community, beating Legendary difficulty and even LASO(Legendary-All-Skulls-On) legimately is always seen as an honor.

But if a player use game hacks to render himself invincible and beat the playthrough, but still go around bragging about how clever he is and say players who beat this without cheating are dumbαsses
…Then he deserves a kick in the guts.

The same goes for Gears of War.

Besides that, I was in a discussion group with those 2 players, the founder and moderator of which is that Xbox-One-X player.
Even when I wasn’t talking to him at all, that cheater attacked me several times for things like using the Trishot instead of Mulcher on Pilot’s Silverback(he called Trishot trash and called me lame)

So when that cheater uploaded game hacks in that discussion group, and bragged about how clever he was, I went to argue with him.

He called me dumb, and tried to force me out of the discussion group. But he failed and quit himself.
Then that Xbox-One-X player kicked me out.

Guess why? Simply because those 2 players spent a lot of time playing together, the X1X player(the founder) showed great partiality towards the cheater.
When I asked him, that X1X player talked nonsense like “cheating is a legit way of playing”…

The hardest part of the campaign was the Escape on bikes. I had to do that solo, in co-op either I kept dying or my partner did.

It took me loads of tries, Oh and another hard bit, the onslaught of juvies at the museum :angry::angry:


:dizzy_face: :dizzy_face:

A mess of thing, but want to say this is Gears 5, and I don’t care what other games tend to have some actions on cheating and I don’t know who you’re referring to.

On Inconceivable, there’s one less checkpoint where you are trying to take the Vulture down.

I would say the same for people who brag about unlocking Seriously chapter 2 without actually mastering the horde maps properly (not having tick marks on 50 wave runs on every map).

While I will categorically put the disclaimer up front that its not the player’s fault that the achievement tracker is designed poorly, seeing players just cheese the last wave alone for maps to count instead of actually doing a full 50 wave horde run on master legit (I personally have all 35 maps mastered on both 50 and frenzy with ticks) is lame in my opinion.

I don’t expect people to agree with me on this but to me anyone cheesing it instead of actually spending time and putting a lot more effort instead of like 1/10 of the time shouldn’t brag about earning one of the grindiest achievements in the game.

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That trick still works? I thought TC patched it long ago.

For the achievement it does work that way but not for the tick marks… the tick mark indicates a legit run of the map on master but is technically not a requirement for the seriously achievement. Those who dont go for the tick mark and earn the achievement using the process I mentioned above have devalued the achievement in my eyes.

For the campaign, I did incon solo by myself and even with a maxed Jack and cooldowns it has some rough parts. The skiff driving on act 3 is a pain. You really need a bit of luck to not get caught in the desert tornadoes.

Before OP8 dropped Shauny confirmed in here wave 50 only would still work :slight_smile:

Not that I care about cheating in single player or campaign.
But bragging about it.