Thoughts from a Gears Fan

This is my true feelings about gears put into words. I’ve thought of how to say these things for months now, and couldn’t find the correct way to do it. So I will try my best not to confuse anyone when trying to explain. I will try to say everything I think gears should be doing to try and breath life back into the franchise.

I’ll start with atmosphere. Gears started as a gory game dark and scary. Let’s use gears of war 1 for example. The level of detail that went into that game was insane. You could chainsaw someone and see their whole anatomy. I would sit and look at the guts and bones that had been broken by the chainsaw and shotgun also some of the most intense story mode moments happened in that game. With the next installment gears 2. It still brought the gory feel to gears by being able shoot pieces of the enemy off. Plus I still think gears 2 has the best gib animation in the series. Nothing was funnier than watching someone go flying then explode when they hit the ground. This was also when the art style of characters changed. I still prefer gow 1 and UE art style over gow 4-5’s. Also let me say gow 2/ gow 3 hoard was the best just the variety of enemies was amazing. Compared swarm which aren’t bad but they truly don’t have a soul. Nothing was scary of hearing a boomer yell boom and not know where he was or a shield running boomer chasing you down and putting fear of god in you.

Movement and hit registration . I put these two together because they go hand in hand

Gears movement is what make gears and also is what is killing gears in the same breath. Right now the current movement is not going to move gears in the right direction it’s been fun bouncing like a maniac but it’s time to tone it down it’s not readable or understandable by viewers and honestly it’s not as skillful compared to the older titles, I’ll also give my bear bone solution to fix this problem and it will piss some people off. The game needs to go from 30’s to 20’s also take out the wall cancel or slow the game down even more which nobody probably wants and last but not least find a way to stop the cancer which is up a/ wrap shot. That shot in all my years playing gears has never been a problem until the most recent gears. There is a problem that nobody at the Coalition is talking about and needs to be address Moving on too hit Registration

I believe if said things above are addressed this will become less apparent. Right now when some one is bouncing or sliding into your cover you will get cheated 8/10 times which leaves a bad tase in your mouth. For example let’s look at the defense players point of view. Someone pushes you. You wait after all the bouncing and fake slides he finally commits to the slide you read it and get 87% full spread than get up back A/ up Aed it’s a crappy feeling. This happens way too much for anyone’s liking. This has to do with multiple things. One being that the current speed of the game allows one person to see something before the other/ second is the servers this has to be fixed.

This is getting pretty long so I’ll end it here but if y’all want to hear more of my thoughts just comment looking forward to your feedback

Ps: I truly think the new pvp director or the guy who’s is always with Danna when it comes to pvp is amazing. I hope that he is not scared to take gears back to it’s roots but also make it refreshing he’s all ready made it a more Consistent Gears keep up the good work.

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Jonathon Taylor, fantastic bloke with a deep knowledge of the franchise :slight_smile:


Lolol. You think the game is fast right now ???

Sht is garbage and slow af right now.
Good luck.


My personal take is still that I want to love this game like I used to love Gears.

Take today. A friend finally ranks to 30 and wants to do ranks. Already he is realizing this game is badly broken.

The game right before he got to 30 he gets a nice video that demonstrates well. I went in from the left he from the right. He sees the player kill me without shooting. This player had just shot at him. The live footage he sent me shows it. There is a delay in the gnasher shots. Player shoots at him. I die. And he actually shoots the second shot at my friend. In the clip, no he did not shoot me or was even pointing my direction. And that was what I saw as well.

Fast forward to the first ranked match. KotH. Player is standing directly in the open. My friend is seeing me afte dying shooting said player. Player does not move other than turning toward me. Downs and kills me almost instantly with the lancer. I hit a full mag for 5, yes 5, hits. I reiterate, 5hits. All pings were good for everyone. It was a slaughter. Hitting players over and over. Full shots on a stationary player facing the other way. They spin, kill, and no hits counted at all.

This stuff has been our experience through his whole climb to rank 30. Thinking he is getting fed up with the trashy play already. I mean, yeah. We have been MVP. But he summed it up best when he said, quote, “I do not think I have earned some of these kills”.

I will try and be more detailed about the speed of the game. The overall speed of the game is fine but there are certain moves/ animations that are too fast, and as of right now. The game just can’t keep up with it. one being the up A/ wrap shot. More times than not you have to pre-shoot a corner or pre back A a corner that someone is up Aing because you will never see them hit the cover before you die. that’s a problem. I tend to use older gears as an example because this exact situation wasn’t a thing. If you read the move you would at least see them hit the wall before up Aing. Now sometimes they eat the shot but that’s better than dying while the opponent is still in mid slide. I correlate this with the speed of the game which makes me say the game is to fast as of right now.

Bro u just have to realize that the gears that epic made is not the ever going to be the same as the one tc made. They had the golden ticket, just deal with it…

Giving feedback with examples is what the forums are for. If we went with your method of just deal with it. We wouldn’t have the store as it is now characters or even game modes that are in the game now.

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They lost the midas touch