Thoughts for Future Content

-Bring back old maps with new easter eggs and mix it with old easter eggs
-Bring more characters from Pendulam wars
-Any other officers/leaders
-Help content creators with maps, easter eggs, and campaign dlcs

Bring stranded into the game

Bring back Gears 3 version of capture the leader

Maps to bring back
-Thrash ball
- Jacinto

Bring back the Cleaver (with Gears 5 twist on it)
Bring back the Digger (with Gears 5 twist on it)
Bring back the Boomshield (with Gears 5 on it)

Bring back Beast Mode

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Working Servers


We don’t talk about future content.


Beast Mode and a few maps from the past like especially some of the judgment maps were actually cool even when the game as a whole wasn’t really good.

I still can’t believe Hoffman and Bernie aren’t here yet. Bernie was seen in the original promotional material and still hadn’t arrived as a playable character yet? :thinking:


I am happy to voice Bernie if TC needs some lines filled in.


And Oscar, who has had himself a banner since launch and was even in the bloody campaign. I dont even like him too much myself (although a bit redeemed in this campaign) but it’s still pretty silly how hes absent from MP.


They gave you a new reup system, the slowest mp tuning, and gridiron, isnt that all the community wanted???

Edit: Oh wait gridiron isnt there anymore lol :joy:


Yea, lets add more things so they can be only accessed through pay walls ,months of grinding . Add more weapons ? they cant even balance the ones they have already lol, no ty. Gears 5 needs to be Deleted and never talked about again. Id rather see more content for UE.

TC has proven they can make good remasters, so why not a gow 2 remaster? tones of content and weapons for those who never played it. I think that would be the best thing for them while making a real gow game worthy of the franchise.

I just want more gritty maps like nexus, damn I actually enjoy playing that and it feels like gears of old

Imagine seeing the gridiron trailer on YouTube and be like “hey that looks awesome I’ll buy Gears 5” just to find it’s not even playable anymore :joy:


Gears 6

Imagine thinking that someone would actually think “hey that looks awesome i’ll buy gears 5” when watching that trailer lmao

Just get the original 3 remastered & be done with it :raised_hands:

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Yeah forgot about Oscar. Seems strange a had a banner in the store but then it miraculously disappears?

Hopefully TC bring him in eventually for those who are fans of his.

Region lock, no lag advantage, and stable servers that are not handled by third parties and contractors.

What is the actual reason Gridiron is gone did they say ?

Could care less about characters. Give us Better tuning. Faster roadie run. Better game modes. All this game has is KOTH. Boring.

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Where’s Hana Cole, Jinn but not a bot, Bernie and Hoffman?! Give them to me!
And some of the missing gears that were in 3.