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Thoughts after roughly around 100 games of Arcade

Damn this mode is fun.

When I first loaded gears 5 up I went straight to versus and seen this. Not gonna lie, when I first played this I was like lol how nooby is this game mode and it’s just awful.


But it seriously grew on me and it’s actually my favourite mode right now. Just having a blast picking Marcus and getting frags on the fly and planting one as soon as I get them. 250 frag medal was a fun grind. Wish there was more time in TOD 1 for the headshot grind but oh well any headshot is good regardless of TOD medals.

Didn’t realise the lancer would ever be my most used weapon in Gears and to get headshots with it is great cheap satisfaction.

I get it’s too casual for some but I think it’s a great addition to the series and wonder how TC could improve upon it. My only gripe is I can’t use my favourite characters as weapons are tied to specific heroes.

I best play some KOTH as I’ve not used a shotty for a while and you know what they say use it or lose it.


Yeah it’s a really fun mode and it gets a lot of unnecessary hate bc it’s something new. Apparently it doesn’t feel like “Gears”.

Eh whatever, it’s a blast to play.


I agree. Didn’t like it at first because it was too different, but while getting the arcade medal, it grew on me.


I really enjoy arcade it’s just good casual fun. Lots of lancers but can’t do anything about it until we get new maps with better map design. Instant kill head shots are also a neat thing


Arcade reminds me a lot of call of duty’s class system. Imo it’s a very deserving addition for both the more casual audience, and those looking to just relax for a few games (or maybe practice a certain weapon in a more relaxed medium).
In my opinion i really wouldn’t mind it if TC nerfed the lancer in all other game modes minus Arcade. The way the lancer currently works seems like a perfect fit for the Arcade mode.

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I think the lancer is pretty weak rn. Nerf it anymore and it wouldnt be a viable gun at all

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its harmless IMO it’s designed for casuals atleast they made that clear from the get go
I like to warm up in there then move on to TDM and KOTH need to play with the shotty lol

I hope they improve it by giving other characters more weapons to buy


I’d be totally fine with Arcade mode being in the game if didn’t have different aiming and movement mechanics.

The skills, loadouts, and headshot damage modifiers don’t bother me isolated to that mode at all. It can be really fun.

Unfortunately, it controls so differently to the normal game that if I play too many matches of it, it throws me the hell off in everything else.


I agree that Arcade is fun. Especially getting powerful weapons easier than fighting pickup.


It’s ok but it gets a lot of hate because it’s a dumbed down version of gears of war. You can understand why a lot of players don’t like it-gears of war pvp is about the shotgun-arcade is about casualising the pvp and making it rifle based-most beginners will enjoy and do a lot better on arcade. I actually find playing it for too long makes ranked pvp harder for me to play when I return because of the skill difference so I only play arcade now and again for a laugh. I definitely don’t hate it like some long term players though.

Arcade mode is pretty fun. I started playing around with it to do TOD challenges, and practice with weapons. Plus I won’t get agitated when people quit. Koth is my favorite mode but I’m slowly becoming a TDM player because of all the quitters. I was so happy to finally get out of silver 3 to gold 1 playing Koth solo than the very next match I had 2 quitter’s after we won the first round. Dropped 2 k in points and was like ■■■■ this lol.

Ranked in general is causing nothing but frustration and disappointed fans, I kinda wish they would remove it altogether. They could focus more on content then too, eliminating the constant tweaking of the ranking system and weapon tuning wouldn’t be as big a deal.

Yeah, I played a little of it in the tech test and didn’t like it at first. My initial impression was ‘Where’s the gnasher? Wait, I have to play with the damn enforcer before I can earn the gnasher?’

Having played some more since launch I’ve come around to it as a quick play mode, but it definitely stands apart as being completely different from other versus modes. The Deebee and Warden do seem to be OP compared to the other characters though.

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This is a big thing for me… ranked just fills me with hate, because what we had in GoW4 just fit me soooooooooo well, that playing G5 versus feels like eating day old mcdonalds after having had surf and turf for dinner…

But Arcade is so completely different, I actually enjoyed when I tried it last night for the first time since the tech test (where I didn’t like it immediately).

it’s not ranked, it’s not training for ranked, it’s not pre-ranked, it’s something completely different, just still in that general universe…

Haha, now if they created a hero who used a gnasher and had GoW4 movement mechanics, lol, I’d never leave that mode :slight_smile:

I dont think they will tune movement / gnasher due to the fact that its tough for new players to get into, hell I’ve been playing since the series started and I suck tremendously with it, I’ve accepted that gnasher fights are not for me, if I get someone charging I turn tail and run to get better cover. I cant fight with it despite the tuning so with the changes I’ve seen more success for myself, and as for new players to come and stay that’s what they want,
I checked out a handful of reviews when the game launched and they all pretty much described the multiplayer to be the gnasher heavy MP that they couldn’t get into and dismissed it at that, and then praised the arcade mode for being more accessible.
I know hardcore PvP players are pissed, but I don’t see the movement changing.

I like it I hate marcus heal ability needs to be change and when blitz comes to get people moving gonna be great

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Blitz is where the real action is going to go down in operation 2.