Thought this was funny


Everyone is obsessed with Forge

Seeing that would have made me turn off my game in both amusement and disgust. Amusement at that every map on that first page is Forge, and disgust at that far too many people play this game like it’s Gears 4.1 while the original Gears 5 maps(particularly the less easy ones) aren’t really that popular. Well, except Exhibit.

Yeah it’s annoying, it takes me time to find lobbies that host the map I need to do, but I guess Forge is such an easy map because you can block one of the sides with the fabricator

If it was only Master lobbies! But 50+% of Elite or Insane lobbies are frequently Gears 4 maps demanding your bog standard Kait, JD, engi, Jack, filler team. It is bo-ring.

Most of us playing forge are just trying to level up the horde-only characters up.


That surely doesn’t account for all of the matches ever played or active at any given point in time? I get it, Horde characters take longer to level up than those in Escape. But people would eventually get done with skill leveling.

Constantly playing Forge in Horde is the worse. And it’s beyond boring. They mine as well make that the only playable map :unamused:

Disgust? I’m not sure I understand this. I know you know you can host your own game and map. They paid for the game and can choose to play it however they wish.

Live and let live.

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Anyone else miss Gears 4 Turrets and camp at Swarm Spawn at Forge? Those days were fun.

True but if you want to master a map it’s best to have that character load out. Otherwise if it was any of difficulty I’m not fussed

You can tell me how the majority of the playerbase primarily playing the easy Gears 4/5 maps doesn’t affect my experience again when you try to make an actual fun lobby and wait 15-30 minutes or longer for hardly anybody to join because you don’t want everything to be a cakewalk with the entire map getting obliterated by GLs.

I guess your idea of fun is apparently not popular with the majority of the player base not that there’s anything wrong with how you choose to play.

When I host games they don’t exclude JD so most times my wait is not 15 to 30 mins.

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I tried to implement this set up when the map was first launched but people disagreed with me and said to move to fabricator to the middle section of the map and from them on every game of Forge I join the set up has always been in the middle.

Definetly Op,No disrespect Op,Probaly something to do with a fabricator placment

Tough to get a legit match on Forge! People only wanna cheese the crap out of it :joy:

Let the enemies come and let’s fight them! I don’t enjoy breaking the game for my benefit but I understand it makes a nice exploit for easy character levelling.

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Very,Very true my friend ,especially mostly of the maps have bugs sadly.The only problem I get now is I cannot play on master,every time I join I get kicked because of there friends want to join,I don’t mind that but it’s very irritating .When u have a long wayy to go to re-up 20.