Thought experiment

Gears servers shut down across all games and gears 6 is officially canceled. Microsoft ends the IP.

Do you quit gaming? Or do you play another game? If so, what game and why?

I continue playing, I love gears with all my heart but it hasnt been kind to me recently.

I love other IPs but gears has my heart.

To answer your question though, I’d probably play Siege or Zombies or Fallout, those are games I picked up once gears stopped being interesting to me. I’ve been a siege fan since it was released, it’s always fun to me, similar situation to cod zombies, always been a big fan.

This experiment sucks


You have to pick

Just play the campaigns and play other games because the online features of any game are not what drive me to play games.

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Play the Campaigns every once in a while, maybe finally give Gears 3 Horde the run it deserves since there might be more players on that with 4/5 PvE modes requiring a server connection to be played.

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Finally free of TC’s torment, it would be time to return to the predecessors and relax.

But…who knows. Maybe with Gears 6 they’ll actually use what they’ve learned up until now and blow it out of the water. Not to mention it’s going to look amazing with UE5. Oh I look forward to seeing the Queen more than anything.

As I work on finishing my Re-Up 59, I’ve already shifted into about 48% Gears - 52% Apex

I’m only a year into Apex, so it’s still fresh for me, and I find the rewards more satisfying despite having maxed rank 2 seasons ago.

Would be lost :cry:there is Warhammer Game(s) (Crossing fingers)coming soon,This would be my choice of game’ to this gaming franchise

GTA 6 might get announced or release around 2023-2025. If Gears 6 was to come out around 2024-2025 at the same time and cancelled, it’d be easier to choose which to play.

Would I make Fifa tiktoks or Fortnite tiktoks? That’s the question.

100% I’d quit gaming. My series x is literally worth more than my car. I’d sell that so fast

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■■■■ in my decade or so long experience of playing games I’ve only ever exclusively and collectively played Gears of War. What else would I play?

That Elden Ring thing kinda looks like garbage by comparison to the regality of Judgement…

Elden ring is a million times better than gears.

I dont think there’s many people who only play one game. If TC shut down and gears 6 was cancelled, I would just play Halo, Rocket League and Siege





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L+Ratio+you’re bad

DUDE I’m not I swear just because I exclusively main Chanka and Fuze so I can kill hostage… win the big W for my team!

Plus Siege is kinda old for me. Was good in 18/19 but today I’m all about that Apex game.


Hostage I think isnt even a mode anymore. Its just bomb :joy:. For quick play you can play control and bomb, unsure about hostage.

Those years were peak siege years, cant argue there. Its still fun to me though, I’ll play it for a couple months and stop and come back 6 months later, I’ve been doing that since like 2016.

Also W for being a Fuze main. He got buffed so he got an extra cluster charge and can now fire through reinforced walls.