Those giant death explosions need to die

OK, I went a little hyperbolic with the topic name but I do think they are overpowered. :slight_smile:

For obvious reasons I was fooling around with Mechanic in Escape the other day (a class I never take) with Custom Robotics on (something I have no reason to do in Horde). I’d picked up an EMBAR at the initial balcony of The Split and sniped one of the Deadeyes across at the second balcony, and when its death animation finished, it exploded and killed the full health drone next to it.

This was just Escape tuning on Beginner, and since I had the EMBAR weapon out, the explosion damage must have been boosted by the card. But still it made me wonder: why should a silly death explosion do damage at all, let alone be so powerful?

Lambent are the worst, where it’s a guaranteed self-down if you’ve got any poisons applied, even after a Lancer execution kicks them away. OK, I get that Lambent explosions is their gimmick, so I can see the argument for making damage a penalty for forgetting and meatshielding them. But a guaranteed full down unless you have stim or class damage resistance?

And the seemingly 5 mile radius for Reject, DR-1, Shock Tracker death stuns that mandate defenselessness and dropping heavy weapons?

I can accept something like a giant Carrier gore explosion (once they thankfully seemed to have fixed the frequent bugs where you were permanently stunned by boss deaths) since those are big, bloated, and rare. Everything else, I personally think should be toned down.

I didn’t realize Lambent were in Escape. Makes me wish more than ever that I had half-decent internet. But WTF, you can down and meatshield them? Nice

Agreed that Carriers/Snatchers/Pouncers should deal explosion damage upon their deaths (even if it’s minimal and just creates an area-denial patch of ooze). But there are too many enemies in Campaign that cause minor stuns when they explode. I hope TC leaves the small amount of damage and the character’s grunt when such a minor enemy dies, but remove most of the stun animations.

Though, please remember that headshotting a Deebee leaves their powerpacks intact, causing much larger explosions when they die. And that’s a decent game mechanic.

Sorry, my poor post organization was undoubtedly misleading. I don’t believe Lambent are in Escape anywhere, unfortunately (I certainly would welcome more enemy variety like that, though). They were only enabled as AI enemy types in Horde in Operation 6, which is after they abandoned Escape development. So my comments on them were about Horde. The Escape part was just where I was reminded of the unexpectedly damaging DeeBee enemy explosions.

Lambent can’t be downed. But Gears 5 has the stun mechanic where a Flash grenade, melee 3 hit combo, or mantle kick that puts some bipedal enemies (a fairly arbitrary set :frowning: ) into a state where you can meatshield them instead of just knife-execute. Grabbing something stunned/downed and then immediately releasing it is a common technique because it’s considerably faster than executing. (The Tactician class also has the Interrogation card that automatically marks all enemies in a large radius when you meatshield something.)

Off the top of my head I can’t remember if any Lambent can’t be meatshielded, but I know some can, because I keep stupidly forgetting that if you do that, you’re guaranteeing to down yourself if you release it. :slight_smile: You can’t get far enough away to avoid the excessive (IMO) explosion size and power. (I like data; I should probably quantify that if someone hasn’t already…)

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Exploding Lambent enemies in Horde can down you when you Meatshield them and then immediately release.

One of the tricks to avoid getting down is to tag a grenade to the meatshield and jump back. Works like a charm.

lol you’re right, but somehow grenades are too precious to me to “waste” on a self-preservation bag-and-tag. With the annoying effective limit of 1 grenade (since you can’t restock through ammo boxes if you’re empty, and only a few classes have a Grenade Satchel-alike card or resupply perk), I hang on to those things like they were diamond-encrusted.

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If you bag and tag your last grenade, you will still be able to restock it at a box, just like if you give it to someone without dropping it.



As the self-professed creator of the Bag 'n Tag on the old Epic Games Forums, I demand you bag 'n tag AI enemies more frequently (even at detriment to your KDA!!!).

“Run and play with your friend.”

I hate mechanics that don’t run custom robotics in horde.

I do not use that card


I hate Mechanics who unironically think you should rock Rootkit and Healing Repair over anything else and still get one-shotted by the most obvious Deadeye anyway.

This man really said he hates Mechanics who unironically think you should rock Rootkit and Healing Repair over anything else and still get one-shotted by the most obvious Deadeye anyway

Yes. Yes I did. And the funniest part was how @Rexhold will say anything but admit it was a garbage build that didn’t help anyone.

Rex is a nice man.

I never said anything ever about rootkit ya’ :turkey: .

Healing repair is legit as fook don’t you ever knock that card.

You’re one to talk btw, twice now you’ve ran the wrong cards in boss rush as tach and rage quit over it last time. :zipper_mouth_face:

You obviously get your card choices from a @Dr_Shwazz tier list video.

Btw, if the better part of you hadn’t run down your mothers butt cheek and ended up as a brown stain on the mattress maybe you could have done your job as marksman and sniped that “obvious deadeye”.

Also the new hotness is tackle only no speed run the onslaught. I’ll go out on a limb here and say i think you can do it.

Was that really necessary lol

Don’t worry, doc. That’s how they express their love and affection.

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