Those cog armor hoodies ? heres what they are like



recommend ordering a size up they are china sizes

material is like workout gear
they dont asborb sweat or rain readily like
cotton but its very much nicer than the expected

kaits armor is winter version and a little blurry but it looks nice

marcus fenix is gear of war 4 style. very detailed and bright blue is semi reflective at night great for the gym or running.

Why does literally everyone have to use a Hoody to display swag?

Honestly, this stuff looks out of place, like a bad mix of Gears and Assassin’s Creed.

IMO, a well made tank top style vest, with long sleeve T under, would suit the look of COG armor much better, having a 3 dimensional layered look, without the God forsaken hood.

Better yet, add Marcus’ signature black bandana, Kait’s red beanie, and Del’s gray beanie. You could even have a small backpack to simulate the hump on the back of the armor. Anyone wanting to look like JD would have to grin and bear it and get a summer head shave.

I mean the Chinese crank this kind of stuff out quick and cheap, and it would be functional, so I would think it would sell well.

Put it on. I want to see it on a body. Strike a pose.