This Weeks What's Up

No what’s up this week?

Don’t know when the last one was, but a few weeks ago, they said that they were cutting back to once every 2 weeks.


Yeah they’re coming out every two weeks. For some reason they’ve been slow updating the website to feature them, though you could still find it by changing the URL.

So bearing in mind the mp reveal is after E3 I assume we will get Campaign. Horde and Beast 2.0/Overrun 2.0 news :wink: :slight_smile:

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Yea thats what I’m assuming as well. I have a feeling it will be beast/overrun or what it will be called. Im just surprised we haven’t gotten a true trailer like all previous Gears titles

They are definitely keeping up waiting…the swines :wink:

Yea but didnt we get actual trailers before we got any game footage??

thanks great whats up lots of content.